Raul, which means loyalty ‘Cuba’ granma

picture: Roberto Chile

It’s August 1958, and the 27-year-old is leading the guerrilla front. He witnessed the fall of many of his comrades, and he himself put his life in danger on the difficult path of saving the honor of the homeland.

After visiting the grave of a combatant, he wrote in his electoral diary: “I have sworn never to rest for the rest of my life fighting the enemies who will come our way during our difficult task as faithful revolutionaries, and I have sworn to offer myself. Clean and happy to do my full duty.”

The young man is Raúl Castro Rose, and as he has done until that moment, he will remain faithful to this oath throughout an extraordinary life, summed up in one word: loyalty.

The fragment of the diary, which specialists of the 2nd Eastern Front Historical Complex considered the political guardian of the fighter Raul, was shared in the painting by Dele Sanchez Lemos, deputy director of the Office of Historical Affairs of the Presidency. Raúl Raúl, who honored Thursday at the Fidel Castro Center the 91st birth anniversary of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, General of the Army.

Before an audience of young people from the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior, Sánchez Lemos, Eller Ramírez Canedo, Deputy Director of the Center, and Katiosca Blanco Castinera, Head of the Department of Biographical Studies and Work of the Commander in Chief, of that institution, highlighted Raúl’s immeasurable devotion to his brother, on basis of mutual admiration and respect; They reviewed the tale of the moment when the former stood, in the middle of the war, between the devastating weapon of a rebel and Fidel.

Raoul is passionate about history and believes it is the duty of those who made it to tell it, and he encouraged it to happen. It also maintains its full commitment to the memory of the martyrs. The veneration of his fallen friends in combat, José Luis Tacindi and Echo Lopez, was discussed privately at the session.

of the humble man who shuns confession; devotes himself to work and prefers actions to words; jovial and lovable. Ramirez Canedo spoke of the born organizer and president who is relentless in the face of bad things; Which confirmed that the army general is a leader who goes beyond the borders of Cuba and a reference for all revolutionaries.

Katiusca Blanco recalls that “history is not made without personal sacrifices,” highlighting Raúl’s tenderness and sensitivity as Vilma’s brother and husband; As well as the love and humanity that characterizes him as a communist.

Everyone who continued Fidel’s legacy of leading the country, of his individuality as a statesman, and who continued “with his foot in the stirrup”, willing to give himself up for the island, has been thanked for the fruitful dedication of more than 70 years of struggle, which fills the phrase “Raúl Raúl” with meaning.

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