Lamborghini and Ferrari buy Shiba Ino! We’re about to go into a SHIB boom… Shiba Inu is the ultimate bear market winner! gray dollars


Although the investment landscape appears to be more than choppy, it is undeniable that cryptocurrencies have been generating huge profits for their investors since March 2020. According to reports, the cryptocurrency space has gained nearly 100% of its value since its fall in March 2020.

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Shiba Inu ranked first among all the major cryptocurrencies that made profits for its investors. Although we are mainly talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum as the main winners in the market in 2021, it was always Shiba Inu that caught the attention of many new crypto investors towards the dominance of digital assets.

Last year, Shiba Inu delivered some of the highest single-year returns the market has ever seen.

In a fairly short period of time, Shiba managed to make amazing profits. In fact, for a rather short period of time, Shiba managed to acquire Dogecoin to become the largest meme currency. But with the market downturn, Shiba Inu has lost most of its market dominance.

Real-time graph of Ferrari stock prices over a one-week time period

It’s been a while since investors expected to see some improvement in its price, but unfortunately, the cryptocurrency has been in a steady downtrend. But don’t worry, Shiba Inu seems to be gaining momentum and looks set to become the best altcoin in the bearish cryptocurrency market. Investors have recently been rethinking investments in Shiba Inu and its future prominence.

Amidst massive market volatility, Ryoshi, founder of Meme Coin, pseudonymous with Shiba Inu, has deleted all of his tweets and blogs.

His last message was published in May 2021, and after a year of silence, the creator and founder of Shiba Inu has removed all of his articles and blogs from the social media platform Twitter. This sparked many speculations in the investment community about the real reason behind the originator’s resignation.

After this sudden incident, experts are predicting that the Shiba Inu price may face some bearish trends again! However, Shiba Inu could explode soon as the developers are working hard to help Shiba gain fame.

Shiba Inu will now be used to book supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and many more.

Crypto website Travala added this to support Shiba Inu adoption and awareness. Global users can use Shiba Inu to book more than three million travel products on its website, including flights, hotels, and travel packages. With this said, the cryptocurrency in question continues to gain acceptance as a payment method in the evolving travel industry. But there are many other factors that will determine the impact of Shiba Inu in the market.

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