“I don’t want to think that Fajardo embodies Santos and Petro’s plan to bring up Rodolfo”: Edward Rodriguez

week: Do you feel they are relegated from the party to the second presidential role?

Edward Rodriguez (ER): What I feel is that the party wasn’t violent. This community delivered the major anti-corruption package in history: We cracked down on the corrupt prison, we wiped out the express domain, we made benchmarks where 31 billion were hired on the highways without any scandal, we did mass vaccination in less than a year, in the regions, Everyone says that it was this government that brought the most investment to the regions, but no one ever admits it. Today we look like pariahs, instead of going out to highlight our accomplishments.

week: What will the Democratic Center do? Rodolfo Hernandez has already distanced himself from Uribism.

ER: We will go to the polls humbly and without any political alliance.

week: obviously support Rodolfo Hernandez?

ER: I think the majority of people came out to support Rodolfo Hernandez because he represents freedom of action, freedom and values. In addition, Petro never came out to send a message to more than half of the country that is Oribista. On the contrary, he persists in his attacks. In other words, between two evils, the least bad.

week: Is it fair that Rodolfo Hernandez distanced himself from Uribe in the way he did?

ER: It is unfair, our theses represent a value most notably Rodolfo: the austerity of the state, that it does not steal money from the Colombians, that there is freedom in business. I would say that Rodolfo can’t go out and attack more than five million Colombians, let’s remember that some voted for him in the first round, others for Fico, but above all what they want is a better country, and this is without a doubt, they have a special affection from Alvaro Uribe (…). I hope Rodolfo Hernandez does not commit more grievances with Uribism.

week: What did Alvaro Uribe say?

ER: I haven’t spoken to him, I think he will remain silent for these three weeks. He is quite far from the political scene, he has – I think – entered into a thought process about the situation in the country, the damage to his reputation, and above all because I think he left a legacy and today there is more uribismo than a party.

week: How did you see the position of Sergio Fajardo, who intends to reach the candidacy of Rodolfo Hernandez by setting conditions?

ER: My advice to Sergio Fajardo is humility, humility and more humility. When you lose the way he lost, all you have to do is understand that the country comes first above whims and parties. I think he has not learned the lesson and we must assume the great lesson humbly and without conditioning.

weekFajardo is doing it because he thinks he can add Rodolfo Hernandez…

ER: But he does it with arrogance and disrespect and trying to trade five million votes for the 800,000 he has. He can’t go and abuse the more than five million people who voted for Fico, just because he wants to. That would be roughly planned. I don’t like to think it was strategic planning by Juan Manuel Santos and Gustavo Petro to subtract votes from Rodolfo Hernandez.

week: this way?

ER: I don’t want to think that Fajardo embodies Santos and Petro’s plan to bring up Rodolfo. I say this because all holiness is petro place, it’s true. And secondly, when you lose, you should be humble and think about what you did wrong, not the arrogance and arrogance of the demanding terms. This is not the time to make considerations. In addition, the people sent a tangible message that they were fed up with politics, among them the politics of Fajardo, Cristo, Robledo and all those who were there.

week: At what point did the Democratic Center become the ugly duckling for elections?

ER: My thinking is that we lost the sharpness. We have results: 450,000 homes have never been built, never before in history have we built nearly 200 massive schools and made 18% of the day, never had a free college education for classes 1, 2 and 3, among other great achievements . I think that the party will either remain in its embarrassment, which I do not know why, or it will go out to show results with all the great achievements we have made in this government.

week: Why do you think the Democratic Center remained silent?

ER: For a party idiot is a community, in some cases, of loafers, who, on the one hand, have been chosen by politics, and on the other hand, some people who are ashamed rather than proud of what we have done. We have the lowest rate of murders and kidnappings in history, and we’ve busted big capos – over 280 – among other things. Some feel the ugly duckling and some feel embarrassed.

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