Elections: Who is Investing More in the Campaign: Petro or Hernandez? Investigation unit

In the first stage of the race for the presidency, many candidates bet Election campaigning, raids and public works. This was reported to the National Electoral Council (CNE).

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However, the two candidates who qualified for the second round are Gustavo Petro with 8,527,768 votes and Rodolfo Hernandez, with 5,953,209- votes, have different strategies and numbers.

The first difference is the total campaign revenue. Ricardo Roa Barragan, Campaign Manager for Historic Charter, told CNE that They go to 18,902 million pesos.

For her part, Socorro Oliveros de Hernandez, wife of Rodolfo Hernandez and her campaign manager, registered in This item is 4,137,654,500 pesos.

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According to Roa, they have so far invested 8,075,3863 pesos in an effort to make Petro the next president of Colombia. Meanwhile, in the campaign of the candidate of the so-called Association of Anti-Corruption Leaders, 3,222,109,251 pesos went.

different strategies

Socorro Oliveros is Hernandez’s wife and campaign manager.


Rodolfo Hernandez campaign.

The largest inflow of funds from the historic charter campaign went to election advertising payments: 6,893,033,916 pesos. In the main cities there are billboards for Petro and its formula, Francia Marquez, who has toured most of the country; Antioquia, the coast and the south.

All those regions, with the exception of Antioquia, were in Petro’s favour in terms of votes.

On the part of its competitors, this amount is also the highest, but it reached only 2,346,591,390 pesos.

The difference is obvious not only in the numbers but also in the fact that Hernandez He bet more on network strategy, especially in SMS on TikTok and in paying for ads on radio and TV.

More numbers

Between public works and transportation servicesPetro invested more than 740 million pesos; While the engineer on public occasions hardly reaches 2,559,779 pesos.

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In transport, 72 million and 513 thousand pesos.

However, in the line of administrative expenses, Hernandez outperforms Petro.The engineer reports 590,385.813 pesos while the historical charter candidate registers 311,1300.591 pesos.

After knowing the results of the first round, there was a discrepancy in numbers in both campaigns.

Petro and France inscription

Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez, his presidential ticket.


Photos: Milton Diaz Weather

Gustave Petro:
Administrative expenses increased from $129,450,591 to $311,300,591
Went from public business $100,270,736 to $341,278,736
Transportation and mail service went from $330,019,839 to $399,957,900
Training and policy research expenditures increased from $0 to $43,182,720
Legal and account filing expenses increased from $6,000,000 to $12,000,000
Election propaganda went from $6,738,415,916 to $6,893,033,916
The total increased from 7,304,157,082 to 8,000,753,863

Rodolfo Hernandez

Administrative expenses increased from $429,849,425 to $590,385,813
Office expenses and collectibles went from US$30726301 to US$31596301
The value of materials and publications increased from $45,205,473 to $69,697,120
Public events increased from $0 to $2,559,779
Transport and mail went from 49363,970 USD to 72.513.750 USD
Political training and research went from $0 to $6,750,000
Liability remains at $64,050,000
Electoral propaganda increased from $2,310,748,990 to $2,346,591,390
Financial costs remained at $37,965,098
The total increased from $2,967,909,257 to $3,222,109,251.

communication equipment

Rodolfo Hernandez Communications Team.


Press courtesy of Rodolfo Hernandez.

Hernandez Strategist

Angel Picassino, an Argentine political analyst who worked on Gustavo Petro’s 2018 presidential campaign, One of the keys to the arrival of candidate Rodolfo Hernandez to the second round was.

According to his record, the caller has also worked with the Democratic Pole, the National Union and for politicians like Pidad Cordoba and Juan Manuel Santos, landed in the engineer’s campaign when he was losing ground in the polls, had a good start.

Beccassino is credited with the engineer’s published grid strategy that allowed him to comfortably enter the second round. In addition to investing in aggressive campaigns on television and the decision not to go to recent debates to confront other leaders.

The Argentine entered Hernandez’s closed circle of confidence a long month ago, after the engineer stopped campaigning for more than three weeks, and during this period It has gone from specifying a 14 percent intent to vote to 10 percent.

Picassino, say those close to the Conservative League Against Corruption candidate, managed to shake expectations and Hernandez placed above Team Colombia candidate Federico Gutierrez, and Sergio Fajardo.

Picassino regained and surpassed the space reached by the strategists Hugo Vásquez Exposito and Guillermo Meque Nahas, who abandoned the Hernandez campaign due to threats.

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