‘Doctors flee’: the troubling problem that threatens to overwhelm the public health system in Mendoza

Mendoza- In the province’s health system, there are long days of stress, discomfort and anxiety, especially due to the suspension of scheduled surgeries, which have already exceeded 5,000. Resignations due to salary disputes, forcing the local government to announce Health emergency in activity and threatens to impose penaltiesbut other health professionals are highlighting their crisis, which also leads to “The Doctor’s Journey”even if it was progressive, and the territory made it relative.

That is: professionals and service providers in various disciplines who They are tired of demanding and working in the public area of ​​Mendoza and settled in the private sectorOr, directly, they broaden the horizon and go to other provinces or even to Chile to develop their careers and have a better economic life. Moreover, some come and go. For example, on the other side of the Cordillera, they can earn up to $1,000 for a guard; The number, in pesos, is less than what they charge for the whole month in Mendoza in an office, with a guard. Also, there is an opportunity to go to San Luis, where, for example, there is a specific case of a pulmonologist who receives approximately 200,000 pesos to attend the office one day a week and do a fibrous endoscopy, while in Mendoza he pays 35,000 pesos. Piezo for weekly download for 12 hours in the general transponder, as detailed in Nation Various professionals who favor confidentiality of identity were consulted.

“The displacement is really, the government is going the wrong way and this is a shame. What is worse is that the most vulnerable will not get the attention they deserve,” said Maria Isabel del Popolo, current deputy finance minister of the Mendoza Association of Health Professionals (Ambros), who has already retired in her role as The general secretary of the main union, but she is one of the most reliable voices for assessing what is happening in the sector.

“There are many colleagues who have already left who are too upset to speak, because they will also try their luck, or come and go and do not want to deregister in Mendoza, to leave the door open. Likewise, many of us are considering leaving if that does not change” Nation, Ignacio, a doctor from Mendoza, confirmed that it was not possible to cover the expenses of state salaries, for which he appealed to a project in the private sector. Meanwhile, some of his colleagues are already traveling to San Luis or Chile to change their reality.

We do not have a specific number for mass immigrationBut it is a tangible situation, especially for young people. Today, they will stand guard in Chile and return $800 or $1,000. There is migration abroad and to neighboring governorates, where they provide better conditions, especially in the private sector. Ampros deputy secretary Daniel Jimenez said the most important majors are the most in demand and the most potential for those interested in vacation. Thus, emergency medicine, intensive care, coronary units, ophthalmology, urology, pulmonology, dermatology, and imaging are among the “beneficiaries” of immigration.

The eye is that maintaining health does not give more. There are even unions that do not interact or maintain their silence. But the reality is that public order, including the social work of employees, is in crisis. The fact that anesthesiologists have strong associations doesn’t make them gangsters or “manners.” Now, all of us doctors are ready to protest more.” Nation, another famous doctor from Mendoza, who works even in key areas of the state, other than his work in the private sector. The decline in fees has been much too late in the past four years,” said another doctor, pediatrician and neonatologist. “My husband is not lacking in the desire to try to be a ranger in Chile. I’m a little better, but the crisis in the public health of Mendoza is generalized, with very poor salaries,” another doctor continued.

Another doctor from Mendoza, a cardiologist, said to this means, which she works today to maintain. Homepage.

Given the demand to pay the salaries of anesthesiologists, the dispute has deepened in recent days in the province, which led to the emergency law in the activity, which prohibits resignations. Thus, while specialists denounce the conditions of employment, The government threatens to withdraw their license plates and impose summaries, while more than 5,000 operations are still scheduled Suspension. In Mendoza, there are more than 200 anesthesiologists with active registration, according to data from the Provincial Health Ministry, of whom 60 are at a vegan site. After the summons, only four agreed to resume their activities in the state. “We are tied up. Hospitals and people are hostages in these conflicts that the ministry must resolve,” they said. Nation Sources from major hospitals in Mendoza, Central, which is a highly complex referral center, and Humberto Noti Children’s Hospital, which receives strong complaints from patients.

The government has a lot of resources to resolve disputes. There are more than 5,000 scheduled surgeries waiting for you; Jimenez, who rejects the emergency law on anesthesia, said, but disagrees with specialists in suggesting outsourcing or privatizing the benefits. Likewise, they at Ampros are already preparing a presentation before justice Declaring the rule unconstitutional, because they consider that “no one can be forced to resign; this is not the solution, it is an unconstitutional law. Better working conditions and better salaries must be created.”

Tomorrow there will be a meeting between the anesthesiologists and the government to try to find a way out, despite the growing tension. But what is even greater is the annoyance and disappointment of doctors from various branches, who still hope for better working conditions, ironically, having worked so extensively on the epidemic.

in contact with Nationspokesmen for the Ministry of Health in Mendoza chose to wait for a new meeting with anesthesiologists to make new statements, despite the fact that They admitted that there are doctors of different specialties who aim at other horizons, but they made this movement relative.. “It is not a generic thing. There are a few doctors who go to a neighboring county, where reality with health is not what counts,” they confined themselves to referring from the health file, which is considered to have made improvements in parity.

For the doctors out there It is wage arrears fixed in 2020When there was no increase, the increases that followed were not able to offset the negative impact for that year. “Having that year without increases throws everything back, in Argentina with the macro economy in serious trouble. We made good deals in previous years, but our salary is no longer indexed monthly.”

“At this time, I believe that public health must be defended beyond doubt, and doctors are essential: they are, as I always say, the only ones who can sign the birth certificate and death certificate,” said Del Pópolo, urging the authorities to comply with the scope of Law No. 7759 on Work contracts. “As it always happens in this country, the laws are absorbed as appropriate. Another thing is the health of the county if the collective bargaining agreement (CCT) is fulfilled, under [norma] 7759. It is the only health CCT health service in the country and also in South America; It is a real HR policy,” the leader added.

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