Comprehensive Cancer Center Honors Survivors

The event will take place on Sunday 5 June.

University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center. Photo: Courtesy of Comprehensive Cancer Center.

This Sunday 5th June A team of doctors and professionals Health from the University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center will gather to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day.

This event will bring together patients and professionals for a series of activities from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, at Comprehensive Cancer Center Hospital, with activities ranging from presentations, educational talks, product tastings, raffles, gifts, facials, health clinics and more. For information and registration, call 7877728300 ext. 1255.

The importance of timely care for cancer survivors

The medical literature has emphasized the difficulties associated with defining survival for this disease, as well as raising awareness of the medical, functional, and psychosocial consequences of cancer and its treatment; Locate healthcare quality for cancer survivors and identify strategies to achieve this; and improve the quality of life Cancer survivors through policies that ensures their access to psychosocial services, fair labor practices, and health insurance.

Among the most important recommendations highlighted in this publication are the following:

(1) increase Knowing about physical problems and psychological and social factors associated with cancer survival.

(2) Provide written ‘survival care plans’ upon completion of initial cancer treatment.

(3) basic care on Cancer survivors in the guidelines Evidence-based practices.

(4) use Quality Assurance Measures To continually monitor and improve the care of cancer survivors.

(5) Implement demonstration programs to test coordinated, multidisciplinary approaches to care for cancer survivors.

(6) Integration of care for survivors Cancer in the plans of the state Comprehensive cancer control.

(7) Awareness of health care providers about the issues facing cancer survivors.

(8) Eliminate occupational discrimination that affects cancer survivors.

(9) Ensuring access to adequate and affordable health insurance that covers the care of survivors.

(10) Increase the search for survival