Chocolate price scandal at Havana airport

Many users of social networks in Cuba were exposed to the scandal when the prices of various chocolates and chocolates were announced at the “Jose Martí” airport in Havana, always in a freely convertible currency (MLC).

In a post by independent media outlet CiberCuba, with photos of “Dr. Colombian ”, as follows: “Exorbitant prices for chocolate at Jose Marti Airport in Havana.” You can see in the photos the chocolate brand “Ferrero Rocher”, priced at 65 MLC per box.

Also from the so-called “Kinder eggs”, at a price of 68 ml per pack. The youngest with “surprises” over 27 MLC. Another thing that caught the attention of users was the notification that you can only pay in EUR or CAD or with magnetic cards in MLC or Visa and MasterCard.

But despite being paid in foreign currency and not accepting the Cuban peso, a sign warned that the change was in the national currency. Something many describe as “theft”.

“They are ridiculous and the most ridiculous in this case is that if you buy them in US dollars or euros and the change is in the national currency, now I wonder if a foreigner who returned to his country returns the Cuban peso, what to do with it? A souvenir?” wrote one of the users on the networks Social.

Prices in Cuba in MLC

Another Cuban living in Europe Compare prices. “Putting it straight. Chocolate Ferrero Rocher brand in Cuba and Ireland. 65.00 MLC for 7.50 Euro, including taxes and inflation.

“Note: in Cuba they tell you that the capitalist business owner is abusive. Doubt: who owns the shops in Cuba?” added the user. Another Cuban traveler confirmed the outrageous prices. “I saw him at the Havana airport and he almost gave me something,” he explained.

The CiberCuba post generated nearly 2,000 comments on the Facebook social network. Some say it’s a big deal, because they even “disable the POS” so that you pay in cash and only return the Cuban pesos.

“I saw them return yesterday, and the worst thing is that when I went to pay for something I wanted in the same store, they told me that the POS was not working and that it was cash, it’s really a big deal because they deactivate the POS so that you pay in euros in cash and come back in the national currency,” concluded Musafir. Another young Cuban.

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