An unparalleled global guru in the field of double lung transplantation

Gabriel Sells, chief of thoracic surgery and the lung transplant service at Hospital La Vie.

Spanish medicine has once again proven its ability world leader When making the first Double lung transplantation for a child with blood type incompatibility. A major milestone reached by the team led by Gabriel Sales, Head of Thoracic Surgery and Lung Transplant Service at Hospital La Vie.

This is the first intervention of these characteristics to be implemented in the world and the key to their successful implementation lies in Plasma filtration technology with immunoadsorption. it’s about action allowed Shorten appropriate member waiting time Because it allows the use of incompatible lungs and makes transplantation possible. In this way it was possible to avoid rejection of the donor’s lungs.

The intervention was made last January, but the baby is now when About to be taken home. Gabriel Sales explained to Efe . Agency. When the patient arrived at Hospital de la Vie, he had a respiratory virus that had worsened his primary disease, pulmonary hypertension, and was admitted to the intensive care unit with Respiratory failure that cannot be cured. In this sense, the specialist explained that the recovery of the child, whose weight was recognized only three kilograms, had been completed ‘A challenge from all sides’ It was a “long” operation due to the additional problem posed by the patient.

How was the intervention strategy designed?

After detection of global lung failure with pulmonary hypertension that deteriorated the heart and made ventilation impossible, specialists decided sedate for the child and management Supporting blood circulation outside the artificial body To keep him alive while thinking of a strategy.

In the end, the sales team felt that The only solution was a transplant. To do this, their gender, blood type, and tissue response to something strange were analyzed. Some actions that were aimed at finding a compatible member, something they didn’t even achieve After one month. Although the organ they found did not belong to the same blood type. “It was very clear because It is a vital time and a patient can develop complications every day,” Sales confirm.

Why did you choose the plasma filter?

In order to avoid further delays and for this organ to be accepted by the child’s body, the specialists chose the technology of plasma filtering with immunosorption. “We can shorten this waiting time with the procedure we have used since thenIt allows us to use two incompatible lungs and make the transplant possible,” explains the transplant coordinator.

As detailed by Sales, this filtration was performed by the lung and heart transplant teams, anesthesiologists, and A team of perfusion experts have been trained to perform this technique. Something for the specialist was made possible by the fact that La Fe has a pediatric intensive care unit with “long experience and a proven track record of managing cardiorespiratory assistance to keep the baby until the possibility of obtaining a donor”.

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