After the director’s resignation, SNS invites the meeting in Gautier

After announcing the resignation of the director of the Salvador B. Gautier Hospital, Miguel Angel GiraldinhoBecause of the fragility in managing the health center successfully, the National Health Service (SNS) Calls a meeting to promote improvements in said hospital.

The meeting is scheduled for the next day Monday 6 at 8:00 am.

my boss SNSstaff hospital gautier footnote from Dominican Medical College (CMD).

“We reiterate our commitment to enhance the provision of health care through the centers that make up our hospital network”published SNS In a brief statement on their social networks.

Impotence and anger

On his part, the head of the poulticeSenen Kappa, confirmed that its employees hospital Feel “impotent and angry”, since gautier It became “the health pioneer in the capital and today it is a sink for patients, and a repository for patients in the most severe cases of orphan and neglect.”

The doctor confirmed that “things are not going well with regard to health, and the president (Louis Abenader) must know that.”

“All the hospitals in the country, one more than the other, but above all the so-called public network hospitals are deprived and people go there and what will happen is the Kabil hospitals,” the union head said.

He said that at night when he is Lack of staff and shortage of nurses and guards to clean.

This emergency here is the closest thing to hell on Earth.“, he added.

Finally, he said that in that health center “everything is lacking,” adding, “The only thing here is the goodwill of the doctors who work here.”

Kappa spoke at the end of the inner assembly where the crisis situation hospital It ended with the resignation of its director and a call for a strike, with only emergency services kept active.

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