A healthy diet: variety, balance and moderation

Here’s how to achieve a healthy diet based on variety, balance, and moderation.


We humans want diversity. We develop in an environment with a large amount of plant foods, insects and land animals, both on land and at sea.

The impulse to consume this variety of edible items was a natural way to satisfy our needs.

Today we have the same desire, that it would be useful if we chose only from a number of edible plants and wild animals. But this is not the case.

We have a lot of choices, and not all of them are healthy, and studies show that the more choices we have, the more food we eat.

So a great variety can create a balanced diet, but only if you choose from a variety of healthy products.

What does balanced mean?

Does that mean “balancing” unhealthy foods with healthy foods? Do the nutritional aspects of grapefruit counterbalance the negative aspects of chocolate cake?

This idea that “everything works” on a balanced diet can look good if you plan your diet of the day on paper.

You can plan on eating an unhealthy hamburger and fries for lunch, and balance them with a very healthy breakfast and dinner. And if you count calories and nutrients for the day this way, it might not sound so bad.

By choosing your breakfast and dinner options carefully, you may be able to keep your day’s calories and fat under control, while consuming enough nutrients.

But who eats this way? I bet most people who eat fast food for lunch are looking for something very similar for dinner.

I doubt anyone who eats fish and cabbage salad for dinner would visit a fast food restaurant for lunch.


It usually means not overeating, especially for “extra” empty calories, such as fats, sweets, and alcohol.

Some people practice moderation so well, they can keep a bag of cookies in a bowl, without losing control and eating the whole bag.

But for others, the concept of eating only one food cracker It’s totally weird, because a cookie will always cause you to eat another cookie and then another cookie.

These people may never learn what moderation means, and it may be best to avoid any temptation, in which case you don’t buy cookies in the first place.

So, are there bad foods or just bad diets? In my view, we have a little bit of both sides.

I have my personal list of foods Which I think is “bad”, and you might as well have a list. Whether you eat these foods, and how often, is a personal choice.

But add enough bad foods to your plate and you’ll be eating a bad diet.

In the end, we should try to eat healthy food as much as possible, and as often as possible.

Variety should, in most cases, come from the healthy food choices available to us.


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