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Virgilio Sakesella came to the defense of his position as President of the National Assembly against the statement of the Minister of Government, Francisco Jimenez, that the illegality had been completed, and the precautionary measures were violated by the dismissal of Guadalupe Laurie.

On the night of May 31, at the 772nd session, a preliminary proposal to address the report of the Multiparty Committee was included Dedicatedwhich recommended the removal of Guadalupe Laurie as President of the National Assembly for breach of his duties, and was condemned by Assembly member Esteban Torres (PSC).

Without the official support provided, Guadalupe Laurie was removed from the position of President of the National Assembly

In an official statement, the government rejected what it called the illegal dismissal of the head of the legislative authority. “It is an arbitrary act that affects not only the institutional framework of Parliament, but also the political stability of the country,” the document states.

That the government respect the autonomy of jobs, but “will not give way to the game of those who think about their political and personal interests, leaving aside the legal security and well-being of all Ecuadoreans.”

Sakesella, on his first day as speaker of the legislature, met his staff and several lawmakers. He announced that he would promote a meeting of the seats to determine the roadmap for Parliament.

Regarding the position of the Minister of Government, he said that the Council worked within the legal and constitutional framework, as it stressed that it is not possible to follow precautionary measures that violate the constitution, as set out in Article 424 of the Constitution.

He defended the decision by 81 lawmakers to remove Guadalupe Laurie as head of the legislature, which was legitimate, he said.

From now on, it is time to take up the challenge, open up the dialogue and take the floor to the President of the Republic, Guillermo Laso, to extend his hands and not just one, to dialogue for the benefit of Ecuador. It is necessary to open bridges of dialogue before and not after with the executive authority in order to reach points of agreement that would allow resolving any dispute.

He agreed that he had called a plenary session on Friday at 10:00 to take up the Lawful Use of Force Bill for a second discussion. At that same session, a decision to appoint former President Guadalupe Laurie to one of the Permanent Specialized Committees will be addressed.

He said that he is committed to simplifying the handling of laws that are linked to dams, after making it clear that there is no agreement or specific commitments with the political sectors that allowed him to reach the presidency of the House of Representatives.

The legislator for the Bank of National Agreement (BAN), Natalie Arias, questioned what had been done in the plenary on May 31, and asserted that it was illegal, because the previous proposal had never been seen as qualified and that this was illegal. Qualified when the agenda has already been implemented, and even more so when precautionary measures are still in effect that prevented the disclosure of a report submitted by a committee that was not multiparty and had no legitimacy.

He stated that the ruling party is currently studying the issue in depth because it is a situation that is getting worse every day due to the hasty and nonsense of those who promoted this process. In front of Virgilio Sakesella, the officials will speak for themselves as the chair in charge of the 772nd session, as he insisted that they know how to read and are fully aware of what is stated in the precautionary measures; Therefore, they could not recognize the presidency.

The coordinator of the Pachakotec assembly, Salvador Quispe, confirmed that it was indisputable that the assembly acted illegally and it would have to be known whether the relevant bodies were adjudicating the matter, because the previous proposal could not be included in a session that was in progress and had not thought about the issue relating to the report of the multi-committee Parties that recommended the dismissal of Guadalupe Lori. The only suggestions allowed are those that refer to fixed points on the agenda, and not to matters that have nothing to do with them.

He said Guadalupe Laurie’s dismissal is not a matter of priority for Pachacoteque, but that it will take the case to relevant organizations over rights abuse, such as the Pachakotec movement.

Quispe commented that in removing Guadalupe Laurie as president of the association, his office would turn the page, but that they would respect the rights of political organization in the board of directors.

He spoke that the government of Guillermo Lasso had exchanged with Correismo not only the chief of Guadalupe Llori, but also the tax code and that they should heed what they had agreed upon.

The Democratic Left, via coordinator Marlon Cadena, commented that in their first analysis of what happened in the National Assembly, they decided that it was a political action at a political moment that required some action, i.e. setting an urgent agenda. .

In the same way that the president of the assembly was elected, the democratic left reiterates its support for the institutions.

Regarding the first vice president, the Democratic Left will demand the succession of Yesenia Guamani, who is currently the second deputy speaker of Parliament. “We will remain firm in this matter and invite the political forces, because our colleague Yesina Guamani should be the first vice president,” he noted.

Marcela Holguín, Coordinator of the Assembly of the Union for Esperanza, also rejected the position of the Minister of Government, Francisco Jiménez, regarding what had been done by the Assembly, since there were many reasons for the President to leave the post of President of the Republic. Parliament.

He denied that there was a political agreement with the government for Lurie to leave the assembly presidency. The UNES bloc hopes that from today there will be a new moment when the demands of citizens in terms of employment and security can be accepted. (YO)

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