The President of the Republic announces the work of the police and armed forces to combat crime

The President of the Republic, Louis Abenader, asked the unscrupulous They commit criminal acts in the country surrender peacefully.

“Those who act in the living bring turmoil, surrender in a peaceful manner, otherwise You will find it wherever you are“,He said.

As he admitted to it in recent daysCriminal acts increased After the country returned to normal.

“After the opening, jumps, thefts and criminal acts increased in the Dominican Republic, we can see that in the statistical data,” he said.

The President reported that as of this afternoon You will start an operation with the National Police In conjunction with the armed forces to tackle crime and Dominican peace guaranteed.

“From this process that will be carried out this afternoon, our laws, our constitution and human rights will be respected, but with the necessary firmness because the human rights that we have to respect They are our honorable people so they can be safe in their homes“, He said.

In addition, he emphasized that if they were to seek more resources “we will do it but we will support peace,” he said.

president Tweet embed She announced the joint operation “My Safe Country”, which will begin this afternoon. It is a joint operation of members of the armed forces and #PoliceRD To combat crime and bring peace to the sectors.

– National Police of the Dominican Republic (PoliciaRD) June 2, 2022

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