Rodolfo Hernandez will not attend the presidential debates before the second round

Rodolfo Hernandez, candidate of the Governors Anti-Corruption League.

Photo: Jose Vargas Esguera

The country will not see Rodolfo Hernandez, the candidate of the League of Anti-Corruption Leaders, in the presidential debates before the second round, which will be held on June 19. This decision was made jointly with his strategist Angel Picassino and will focus on conducting interviews and live broadcasts from his social networks.

This position was expressed after Picassino himself confirmed to the media, after going into the second round, that Hernandez would attend the discussions. The resolution seeks to “call for the unity of the country by proposing for change, through interviews with various media and live broadcasts on his social networks, as is customary, since he was the mayor of Bucaramanga,” it said in a statement.

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This strategy is accompanied by his decision not to attend any other presidential debates, in the face of the first round, after the results of the polls, which showed that Hernandez would have a chance to beat Federico Gutierrez, who appeared in second place in the race, and go to the second round.

Her decision will be whether or not to go to the first debate, which will take place on Thursday and which 35 feminist organizations are planning. For now, Gustavo Petro has already asserted, while the League candidate has not and his possible absence could undermine his commitment to both feminist and feminist agendas.

A group of women, led by former Representative Angela Maria Robledo, has submitted a request to the National Electoral Council (CNE) to compel Hernandez to attend at least three debates, in light of Section 23 of Law 996 of 2005. It is not a mandatory nature, but rather a recognition of the right to spaces to display government programmes.

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Likewise, there is no precedent for the National Electoral Council urging candidates to attend the debates. No-show, specifically, has become a campaign strategy that has also been applied by candidates such as Ivan Duque and Gustavo Petro. For former judge Armando Novoa, this request is intriguing, but valid, in that there is a confrontation between the rights, the rights of the candidate and the space he can have and the citizens to be informed. In light of that, he said, the requirement could be studied and a position created.

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