Pastrana, the horse with which Rodolfo Hernandez conquered his wife

Last month, Rodolfo Hernandez and his wife, Socorro Oliveros, celebrated their golden anniversary: ​​50 years of marriage. They met on a walk on the river where he went with another friend. When they returned from that walk, he decided to call her.

Hernandez was so smitten with what is now his wife that he resorted to unusual mechanisms to win her over.

“It turns out that since he knew it I really liked the farm, he bought me a horse, and I remember I named the horse Pastrana ”, narrates Oliveros.

The horse began to unite them. They had a pen for him, a brush for him, and they combed him. It was as if you had something very valuable, it was a fair, or a fair.

Pastrana’s care and upbringing was crucial to the romance, as it was the reason why Oliveros went to the farm every Saturday, where she became a seasoned knight.

“Over time we were in love as a result of the gift of the horse and this is where it all began, for the farm and the animals and the sugarcane fields; I became a full-fledged peasant, beside him,” she narrates amidst a laugh.

Of course, he regrets that there is no such romance today. “This was an amazing thing that doesn’t exist today,” he says.

If her husband were president, Sokoro would be an unusual first lady, perhaps the most different in the country’s history.

First because they have already announced that they will not live in the Casa de Nariño, but they will turn it into a Museum of Contemporary Art and Modern Art and the International Traveling Arts Room. It will open at 10:00 am and close at 4:00 pm and they won’t have a big plane either, because it is considered that they ride a lot of lizards.

Socorro, a first fan of the former mayor of Bucaramanga, announced that she had read the political constitution for an article saying that if her husband became president, she could remain the same: an ordinary woman, far from the press, paparazzi, and many other obligations that are inconsistent with his character.

With Rodolfo, they have known each other for five decades and never imagined that he would end up becoming a politician. Hernandez was always a businessman, a prominent engineer who one day, as Socorro believed, did everything in private company and wanted to jump into the public stage.

In 2005, when she first ran for mayor of Bucaramanga, she had more than one dislike, because she did not like politics.

I thought, for example, that being mayor was not an honor, but a disgrace. “I called my children and said to them: Look how crazy your father is.”

Days later, she openly asked her husband why he wanted to become mayor, and he preferred to remain silent. But surprisingly, a message with the answer appeared on the PC. Sokoro understood her political campaign and became another worker.

And now, together, they are close to reaching the most important position in the nation.

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