Immunotherapy and CAR-T for lymphoma patients

Andres López Hernández, MD, a hematologist at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital.

treatment for Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma It witnessed a quantum leap with a new emergence drugs s Therapeutic Strategiesmainly driven by the new generations of CAR-T . treatment. All of these developments are published in a guide created by Spanish Group for Lymphomas and Bone Marrow Transplant (Giltamu) Although they still Insufficient To a large number of patients incurable with current treatments.

Andres Lopez HernandezHematology, University Hospital Val Debronne And one of the authors of the guide, says inmedical writing“One of the main developments that this lymphoma has experienced is the emergence of CAR-T, and mainly its reflection on relapsing patients. Vall d’Hebrón is one of the centers that has most tried this remedy, since it is considered alternative treatment important for these patients.

“We need to find alternatives for patients who have not been treated with CAR-T”

Despite the great results this type of immunotherapy has provided, CAR-T is not a panacea, as Lopez puts it, “In the long run, they save 30 or 40 percent of patients, while we need to find treatment alternatives For the rest. We should look at other types of immunotherapy that are currently being done Bispecific antibodies It binds to a specific molecule for use in clinical trials. They groups it become important And it can lead to the rescue of these patients that would have been impossible with CAR-T therapy.”

Another aspect highlighted by the hematologist is that some active clinical trials are seeking to improve CAR-T outcomes in order to achieve more effective treatments for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: “We know that some of the drugs used Previousa post also together With this treatment we can improve the results. already exists inhibitors which began to be introduced by CAR-T”.

Precision medicine is ineffective against lymphoma

although Immunotherapy An important turn has been taken in the treatment of this lymphoma with a new appearance drugs Medicine has caused, according to the hematologist, “medicine to be much more than that.” expensive. You have to choose the patient who really can answer better. The most important thing is to know which place will be the best. It is very important to select the patient for maximum guarantees that we are effective.”

“The tools we have don’t tell us which patients can do a good job of applying precision medicine.”

The precision medicine It’s another great ally when it comes to rescuing patients with this condition, although hematologists continue to encounter hurdles along the way. “We were able to detect a genetic change In this type of lymphoma we direct the treatment using a stay discouraged. In lymphoma this did not give the expected result, because we do not know which patients we should choose with certainty to offer this type of treatment. The The media What we have so far They don’t tell us And they are the patients who can do well in this sense,” explains specialist Val Debron.

A feature of the guide given by many Geltamo professionals is dynamism s facilitates to adapt to new search. “Every time there is a significant event that can be integrated into the treatment of these patients, the whole group that prepared the guide can meet and analyze it and it really is a therapy that can be counseled, that can be integrated right away without the need to make new evidence,” Lopez says.

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