Gianluca Vacci denounces “forcing” his employees to dance in his videos | Famous

Italian businessman Gianluca Vaccifollowed by millions of people around the world on social media, are facing a problem Legal battle with three ex-employeesincluding an assistant who accuses him of forcing her to appear in his videos.

The ‘influencer’ made a documentary for the first time on Amazon Prime Video on May 25 in which he recounts his life beyond what it shows on networks, being a phenomenon with 22.2 million followers on Instagram, 21.5 on Tiktok and 3 on Facebook.

What is the accused Gianluca Vacchi?

Fakci was known for demonstrating his sophisticated lifestyle in the networks, dancing in his villas, on private planes or in attractions, accompanied by his partner, Venezuelan model Sharon Fonseca, with whom he had a daughter, Blue Jerusalem.

But now she has to defend herself against the accusations leveled against her by three former house helpers, who… They blame him for eternal work schedules and other alleged wrongdoing.

One of them, the Filipino Laluna Maricris Pantogonwho worked for him between 2017 and 2020, Vacchi denounced for Failure to “treat her well” and “disrespect her labor rights”as she herself explained in a recent interview with La Repubblica.

Bantugon asks to be paid 70,000 euros ($74,580) for extraordinary and unpaid settlements She accuses Da Vakshi of making her work “more than 20 hours a day” and He “made him nervous” by recording his famous videosin which he also dances with his staff.

“In some cases, we have had to share in the first person in their videos, Although we don’t want that. “We had to appear in the assistant uniform,” he told the newspaper.

The same media reported that Fakshi is engaged in another legal battle with two other collaborators who have worked with him for more than two decades, who He appealed his dismissal to the public prosecutor’s office in Bologna.

Gianluca Vacchi asked his legal team for protection

The businessman has already taken action on this: “With regard to the news that has appeared in the media these days, I have not made any statement and do not intend to do so: there is in fact Ongoing Procedures He said in a statement issued by the Iraqi News Agency that it is up to the judges alone to decide on the matter.

However, he submitted his decision to Denouncing the publication of “numerous false and seriously offensive statements” which “have never been complained about” and which are “not the subject of the above legal proceedings”.

“Therefore, I ordered lawyers to protect me in all the relevant offices,” the businessman concluded in the statement.

On several occasions, Gianluca Vacchi has posted videos where he can be seen dancing with his workers.

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