From advising Bukele and Trump, to Rodolfo Hernandez’s success at the polls

Victor Lopez has made El Salvador’s president, Najib Bukele, successful on social networks, with his government based on “tweets”, and now TikTok has made TikTok a secret trick of 77-year-old populist Rodolfo Hernandez, unlike Colombia’s leftist Gustavo Petro presidency.

Within a few months, Hernandez, who was mayor of Bucaramanga, the provincial capital of Santander, was able to leave behind more politically savvy men such as Sergio Fajardo and Federico Gutierrez, who had been seen as a potential rival to Petro in the United States. The second round will be held on June 19.

“Ultimately, Colombia is a country of about 51 million people, with 82% of the urban population, where 81.3% have access to social networks,” Lopez, a Spaniard whose company designed a communication strategy that has the “Engineer” at the gates of Casa de Nariño, The seat of the executive authority.

“We won!” , read February 4, 2019 in the Kayros Group Inc. account, along with a photo of Lopez and Bukele. Now he hopes to repeat the image on June 19 in a campaign whose hero shares the same populist tone.

In those 42 million Colombians, the company’s founder and president saw “the best way to connect with each one of them” was through social networks, where far less investment than billboards required. Television advertisements and advertisements.

Ultimately, with Facebook in Colombia, you can reach 36 million users, with YouTube 30 million, with Instagram 18 million, with Tik Tok 14 million and 4.3 million on Twitter, according to this expert, who also participated in the campaigns of Danilo Medina and Lionel Fernandez, of the Dominican Republic, and with Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner, who decided at the last moment to abandon his aspirations for the presidency of Ecuador.

Be authentic, the key

Lopez also crafted issues related to Donald Trump’s campaign Latin voting, which reached Hernandez’s campaign on October 30 last year, and has since developed a robust strategy that has given high political returns to the Conservative Anti-Corruption League candidate, the billionaire businessman who successfully entered the second round looming With the knowledge of anti-corruption, despite his involvement in a corruption case.

His association with the “Trump Colombian” campaign was realized because they “called him from the campaign” while he was in El Salvador. “They already knew me,” says Lopez, 36.

From that moment on and already in Bucaramanga, the city of which Hernandez was president from 2016 to 2019, he began to design a communications strategy “always taking care not to cross the line of irony and incorporating humor”.

With the speed of the elections, it was possible to change the candidate’s image, the liaison teams were reorganized and strengthened and he was given a greater visibility in the country, which was one of his major weaknesses as little was known about him.

Politicians are part of the problem, not the solution

Colombia is experiencing a unique moment in which neither candidate belongs to the official parties, and this is the legacy of the fact that they have not been able to renew power.

“There is terrible resentment among the citizens and that is exactly what is happening in Colombia, where people no longer believe in politicians and see them as part of the problem rather than the solution,” he says.

The Hernandez campaign understood this phenomenon and were able to “combine all this feeling to impress and connect with the citizens very well”.

Along these lines, with candidate Hernandez, key ideas such as “Time for the Corrupt” could have been put forward.

For Lopez, who is now not involved in the day-to-day running of the campaign but maintains an association with the candidacy, the best strategy for the remainder of the second round is for Hernandez to “remain authentic and not make mistakes because his opponents will try to show him as an aggressive, populist, helpless, uncontrollable person, Without general knowledge and ready to cut a deal with the devil.”

Suggestions that cause

The Spaniard thinks that messages from Hernandez are permeated with it and remembers that among them are making loans to the poor, donating his salary to students or turning Casa de Nariño into a museum. Far from empty and unattainable slogans, he emphasized that he was sending a message to “the people who want to change the country.”

This, along with promises to abolish all presidential councils, and eliminate expenses such as the use of planes, helicopters, cars and the Cartagena de Indias Guesthouse, is reaching the public.

In addition, the announcement that he will take office in one of the poorest cities in Colombia aligns with his principles of a more austere policy and this brings him closer to the people, the chancellor explains.

We believe in the person

Lopez says his ideological line is consistent with the American political scientist Francis Fukuyama, who talks about the “fall of ideologies” because people are now dependent on the person.

“I don’t believe in the right or the left. I believe in the person and I only work with candidates that I believe in and it may seem ideal but I have always worked to build a better world,” he adds and recalls that in the modern world “voting is no longer a captive, it is not moved and it is in the second rounds.” , the electoral spaces left by others are filled without losing theirs along the way.”

This story was originally published June 1, 2022 9:22 AM

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