Experts assert that exercise is “the best medicine for the body.”

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Regular exercise provides countless physical and psychological benefits, and can help in aspects ranging from cardiovascular care to stress reduction, according to experts consulted by Servimedia.

Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and taking preventive examinations such as those that may include good private health insurance helps to take care of and ensure health.

Exercising according to the age and abilities of each individual not only improves physical fitness and aids weight loss, but also strengthens cardiovascular health, regulates blood pressure, enhances aerobic capacity, and strengthens muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Benefits of sport

In addition, it helps maintain optimal bone density, and prevents the onset of osteoporosis. At the same time, it is also a good regulator of the intestinal rhythm, which greatly affects the quality of digestion.

It also helps control cholesterol and strengthens the immune system, making us more resistant to viruses and bacteria. It also reduces the risk of suffering from all kinds of ailments and diseases, from type 2 diabetes to certain types of cancer such as lung or breast cancer.

In short, it improves health and increases life expectancy, as well as its quality and the well-being we enjoy. In particular, if exercise is complemented by a proper diet, suppression of toxic substances such as alcoholic beverages with a high alcohol content or harmful substances such as nicotine; In addition to all this, monitor good preventive health programs such as those offered by the best health insurance.

mental benefits

In addition, the psychological aspect must be added to the physical aspect, since during exercise, endorphins, also known as happiness hormones, are released, as they produce a feeling of well-being that scientific studies link to the sedation that some people provide. pharmaceutical. With the important difference that in this case it will have a completely natural effect.

Likewise, exercise reduces stress levels, helps keep anxiety at bay, helps treat depression, improves self-awareness and self-esteem, reduces anger and directs aggression…

It also helps to sleep better and enjoy a restful rest, and can also affect the ability to focus and improve memory itself, from young students to older children, in their case with Alzheimer’s in the spotlight.

Likewise, sport regulates, regulates, helps to be more productive, improves mood, and is also a good tool for avoiding isolation, making new friends, or engaging with those who already have a healthy activity that energizes, and “far from stealing energy, it provides it.” Abundantly to make more use of the days, and therefore of life.”

Therefore, “Sports can be said to be far better than any medicine, assuming the best method we can use with a focus on health and well-being at all levels.”

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