Elon Musk’s father spoke: How strict and strict was the upbringing of the richest man in the world

Elon Musk on one of his revolutionary cars.

Elon Musk He knows how to control the news, but despite the intense media attention aroused by the richest man in the world, the beginnings of the businessman in the apartheid regime in South Africa are still unknown.

Amid discussion about the possible purchase of Twitter, his father errol musk explain to France Press agency who – which Raised his sons Elon and Kimball in austeritylike the good “South African boys”, inculcated in them from a young age Rigor and discipline What he learned in the army. “I was a strict father. My words were the law,” he declared and emphasized that Fuel Elon’s ambition on this education With a deliberately masculine touch.

“Elon is very attentive. He really believes it when he says he wants to save humanity. His father Erol said

“It was our way of being. We strive to give our best“This 76-year-old man with a grouchy face, a clear forehead and a look of steel returns to his home in the coastal town of Lanbebaan, near Cape Town.” He is part of us. trade mark“, Add.

Elon Musk was born in Pretoria on June 28, 1971, the son of this engineer and real estate developer and Mae, a Canadian model. He spent his early childhood with his brother Kimball and sister Tosca. His parents divorced when Elon was 10 years old.. During this time, the innovator of the future Tesla and SpaceX Become interested in computers And at the age of 12 he sold his first game called Blastar.

Little Elon Musk in a family photo.
Little Elon Musk in a family photo.

Like many other young men of his generation He will end up leaving South Africa to avoid military service In the harshest moments of apartheid, apartheid was abolished in 1991.

before leaving the country He mostly grew up with his father After their parents divorced. At the age of nine, “I saw him come down from the station radiantly one morning, He took a night train aloneAfter leaving his mother’s house, Errol explains.

‘Unfiltered’ character

Elon often talked about a sad childhood. s He distanced himself from his father when he had a baby in 2017 with his ex-wife’s daughter, 42 years old. “Elon did not like this. I take life as it is,” explained the father, although he emphasized that after this breaking point, their relationship had improved.

“We have affection for each other,” says Erol Musk. “I always think about what it was like with my dad. He was a soldier, we talked a little. At Sunday lunch, I’d say ‘Good morning, Dad’ and he’d go do the crosswords.” She admits that her relationship with Elon “is no different.”

Errol Musk.
Errol Musk.

Disputes between businessman Tesla and SpaceX, especially on Twitter, have become routine. But Errol claims that His son was always a stranger. “He was a cunning and reckless young man”which – which butted in adult conversations. At the age of four, he was already “listening to stories about politics and business.”

“day, Elon announced that when he grows up, he will be a millionaire‘, remembers his father. One of the adults answered with a laugh, with a cup and a cigarette in hand. ‘Younger’ can be disappointed. Elon’s reaction was: “Bah! I think you’re stupid!”, Keep going. “Elon is typical,” he says. It is in their nature to tell people the truth without filtering.

Parent also remembers a Elon’s painful comment to his classmate, his father had committed suicide. “boy Threw him down the stairs and Elon was in the hospital, law Project. After the initial outrage, “When I heard what Elon had said to him, I realized I crossed the lineAfter the accident, Errol enrolled his son in the prestigious Pretoria Boys’ School.

Entrepreneur ‘Wanting to Save Humanity’

The South African press confirmed that the billionaire donated one million rand (60,000 euros, $64,000) to the center in exchange for not mentioning it in their promotional materials. ‘It’s Not a Story’ Says Ex-Manager France Press agency. In fact, he donated the money twice to the school, but “wrote a lot of nonsense on the matter,” says this man who preferred to remain anonymous.

they The deals were made with Musk through his assistant. It’s the same method a businessman uses with his father, Errol.

The Communication with Musk is tightly controlled, except for TwitterWhere he expresses himself generously. however, Errol describes him as “the most beautiful” of their children.

During the interview with France Press agency, the father claimed to have received an email from Elon proposing to pay for an eye surgery recently, another example of his son’s generosity, according to him. “Elon is very attentive. He really believes it when he says he wants to save humanity. It’s not a slogan.”

The last time she saw her famous son, who currently lives in Texas, was six years ago, on his 70th birthday.

“I’m a South African guy, I don’t care about my birthday, but it was very nice,” he says. Elon, unbeknownst to him, invited famous friends, among whom were many Hollywood actresses, to Cape Town. During that meal they talked about Donald Trump. “So I said, ‘Yes, I support Trump,'” Errol recalls. “He’s a winner. Like me, Elon and Kimball,” his other son.

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