Abenader to the criminals: “Let them hand them over peacefully.”

President of the Republic Louis AbenaderOn Thursday, she urged those who “bring anxiety” to the population to surrender to authorities peacefully, or else they will be wanted by law enforcement officials.

“I ask those who act In our neighborhoods and sectors they bring anxiety and surrender in a peaceful way because if they don’t they will be found wherever they are.”

The President of the Republic’s statements came while announcing a joint operation of the National Police and the Armed Forces, to ensure peace amid the increasing criminal acts in the country.

Similarly, Abenader’s request came days after the murder of four alleged members of the criminal gang known as “The Minors” or “Chucky Bad” At the hands of members of the Central Directorate of Investigations (Decrim) of the police.

According to official reports, the death of Miguel Angel Calderon, better known as “Pombo” The leader of the gang, Kelvin Santos de la Cruz, Yiral David Peralta and another still unknown person, were identified during a shootout with the uniformed individuals.

In addition, two men identified as Ravelin Perdomo and Francisco Alberto were injured in the raid.

The Worker

With regard to these new measures, The head of state confirmed that it will start this afternoonalthough he did not specify the time or communities that will be run.

He also stated that it would be extended for as long as necessary and that in the event of a shortage of resources, they would look for it.

However, at the time of the announcement, which was announced on the square of the National Police Palace, the number of agents who would be involved in the operation was not reported.


Similarly, Abenader admitted An increase in reported cases of criminal acts and violence, noting that they have been increasing since the reopening of the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“After situations like the epidemic, which imposed a general confinement of the population, and then an opening after a year and a half of confinement and curfews, That caused all over the world, and in the Dominican RepublicHe pointed to an increase in attacks, thefts and criminal acts.

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