The NIE will investigate an operation in Punta Salinas that ended in the death of two people, one of whom was a minor

The Office of Special Investigations (NIE) has taken over jurisdiction in the case in which two men, one of them a minor under 16, were killed during an exchange with police that arose in a police operation, on Sunday, in the resort of Punta Salinas. , in Toa Baja.

“After evaluating the scene in which two people died during the police intervention in Punta Salinas, in Toa Baja, the NIE decided to take over the jurisdiction of the case, This is in accordance with the law and to maintain the purity of the process,” emphasized in written statements the NIE Commissioner, Raphael Fritswho added that they will not issue additional comments because it is an issue under investigation.

While Colonel Pedro Sanchez noted that the Use of Force Assessment Board, an internal body that evaluates this type of incident, has been notified of the process..

“The board is evaluating the use of force and, as a result of the findings, makes some recommendations,” the officer said.

He added that, as stipulated in the protocol, their firearms were confiscated from agents involved in the intervention for investigation purposes.

“The investigation is still open, information will continue to be received, and based on the evidence collected, the possibility of filing charges will be evaluated.”Sanchez said.

And it was Sunday evening, as a result of an investigation, that the police intervened with the criminal organization that he leads – according to his uniform – before Edwin Rivera Perezaka Bobo, who was enjoying his day at the beach at the aforementioned resort.

In addition to the deceased, 12 people were arrested in the process – two of whom are currently in the custody of federal authorities – and three stolen cars were recovered, two of them through illegal seizure and one through break into the car.

On the day of the accident, Sanchez said, six guns modified to fire automatically were seized. However, on Monday morning, they were able to retrieve another firearm at the site after searching the area with police dogs.

“It will also be part of the evidence collected and the prosecutors will determine whether it is possible to adjudicate the occupation of this last weapon,” he said.

Sanchez explained that this group is linked to the commission of several murders in the metropolitan area and the control of drug points in the Jardin de Cattaneo residential area.

The minor who died during the intervention was identified as Obed García Beltrán. Details of whether he participated in the shootout with the police were not released. Sanchez said this device was busy with some chargers.

The police said that García Beltrán was arrested on a controlled substance charge in June 2021, at the Residencial Alturas de Cupey. An arrest warrant was issued for the minor for not appearing in court.

While, The second deceased is Jonathan Miguel Martinez Rodriguez30 years. According to the police, he had a pistol with him.

wider look

If there is something that the mayor of Toa Baja agrees to, Bernardo “Petito” MarquezExecutive Director of the Kilometer 0 Organization, Marie Marie Narvaezis that the problem of crime crossing the island requires much more than police interventions.

“You have to go to the root of the problem which is the lack of opportunity and social and economic justice in a country where there are more and more austerity measures every day.”Mary Narvaez maintains.

Unfortunately, the alleged criminal acts attributed to the murdered 16-year-old minor, as well as to other perpetrators, “well illustrate the situation in which many young people live in our country,” he said.

Marquez said he will have a meeting on Thursday with the police commissioner, Anthony Lopez, which will also be attended by community leaders from Toa Baja. The idea, he noted, is that a portion of the 100 cuerdas of the land that makes up Punta Salinas, currently managed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNER), is used to develop lanes for joggers and cyclists.

“We work with a symptom and we interact with a symptom and we have to identify the problem, which is much broader. With the caveat that this is not overnight, because what we have today is the result of decades‘ said the mayor.

Marquez acknowledged that the police are doing their job, but he also highlighted the limited equipment and people they have. He said that they are working in coordination with the state apparatus.

Marie Narvaez, for her part, indicated that she would ask the police for information on the case. However, he emphasized that, unlike other incidents, it was still difficult to determine whether the officers acted within the limits of the law or not.

“It seems to me that there is very little information. We were obviously very concerned when we learned that one of the fatal victims was a minor. It always worries us when only the police version is circulating, because one depends on it. We collect information“, He expressed.

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