Relatives of the missing clowns reveal details of the event the couple will attend and denounce the death threats

A march for relatives and companions of the missing clown couple It happened on Monday, May 30th. Towards the Public Prosecution building, passing through the Human Rights Complaint Secretary.

Twenty-two days after the disappearance of Nelson Estevan Villatoro Escobar and Joslin Paola Chacon, better known as small pool s Bright The march called for an acceleration of the search for the spouses.

Clowns disappeared without a trace After making an offer, the family reported.

Victoria de los angeles lobo, mother Bright He thanked those who were aware of the couple and asked the deputy They speed up investigations and change the prosecution of the case.

He also denounced it They are receiving death threats.

“I want the media to announce that if something happens to me or my grandchildren, I blame them,” he added, referring to an unnamed person. But he said the attorney general’s office was already aware of it.

He added that on the day they disappeared, he was a subcontractor Who called the couple for the event they’re supposed to cover.

However, this person is now refusing to give detailse who was really the one who hired the missing couple.

De los Ángeles Lobo also asked the media to “stop playing with their feelings”, When they confirmed that the bodies that were found belonged to the missing couple.

He demanded a human rights ombudsmans intervention to expedite investigations.

He said that against the ongoing case in the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Amatitlan, Because they do not give them information and do not contact them.

“They don’t work, so I want them to He added that the case was referred to the Public Prosecutor of Girona.

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With tears, she remembered that one of her grandchildren was the eldest son of the couple. He will be 10 years old on June 6 His parents had already organized his event for him.

“I am torn, yesterday I went to the hospital. I ask someone who can help me With a child psychologist or mine, I would be grateful ”, She said between tears.

The couple disappeared, according to their relatives, after being called to a show May 9 last at night.

The couple allegedly teamed up on May 9 with an entertainment event in Escuintla and later returned to Guatemala City for the evening event. However, they never returned to their home in Amatitlan.

During the march, several artistic performances and face painting. (Free press photo: Eric Avila)

Relatives welcome

Monday afternoon, the deputy reported that relatives The couple were greeted at their residence in Barrio Girona.

During the meeting, the Public Prosecution officials listened to the relatives’ requests, attended their requests, and mentioned that they have all the support and backing of the institution ”, Deputy stated.

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