Precision medicine for childhood cancer

The Pediatric Cancer and Hematology Group Task Force in Val d’Hebron.

The Val d’Hebron Hospital Willing to change the “status quo” associated with children’s cancer in Spainbet to bring precision medicine For patients with cancer relapse By participating in Clinical trial European Mabeacts. The research is now complete and published in the journal Cancer discoverymade it possible to demonstrate the benefits of implementation More comprehensive studies that distinguish molecular profile of tumors and increase being able to subordinate Children’s population for trials of targeted therapies. Now, the hospital has started the procedures for participating in Mabe Actions 2which aims to increase Number of predictive vital signs High Evidence Response, Enhancement drugs Target products approved for the pediatric population and generate more Clinical trials associated with this population.

Aroa Soriano Fernandezprincipal investigator in the pediatric cancer and hematology group at Vall d’Hebrón, explains in medical writing That with this second study ‘we seek to understand complication many of these pediatric tumors And see what is the best way define the priorities In this type of study. Trials currently open for Children’s population Those with cancer are few compared to those done to treat the same disease in adults, so more clinical trials are necessary, allowing more patients to benefit from targeted therapies and seeing if survival increases.

“We seek to understand the complexity of many pediatric tumors and to learn how to best prioritize this type of study.”

Although it Mabe Actions 2 Already started in FranceThe country in which the study was conducted and carried out The National Health System This type of diagnostic and relapse test, Vall d’Hebrón is currently implementing administrative transactions for your participation. “Since I started my first studies in 2016And the Progress has been made, but there is still a long way to go. Among all cancer patients, 69 percent got treatment recommendation. Among these patients, only one 10 percent It was through treatment that evidence of a . had already been seen Clinical benefit. We should see you more certainty for this type of recommendation,” Soriano confirms.

This new research, which will include other European countries and some Spanish hospitals, aims to establish International Molecular Committees To share knowledge and continue to increase access to clinical trials with targeted therapies. In the words of Soriano, “Many advanced tumors have many relevant cancerous alterations, highlighting the great complexity of cancer and the need for experienced teams when it comes to define the priorities recommend Treatments. For this reason, it is the key to design New clinical trials It adapts to the degree of complexity of diseases.

His own personalized medicine program in Spain

Another purpose of the international study that Vall d’Hebrón intends to achieve is to continue to produce it genomic data s Knowledge For future research with new treatments. Regarding this section, the specialist states that “in the hospital we were clear that participating in Mapyacts means to learn. Italia s Ireland Are the participating countries in addition to Spain And we sent the samples to France, while here we carried out data sequencing and interpretation in National Center for Genomic Analysis (CNAG), and we discussed with them the findings and priorities. We wanted to be independent once school was over and we could startr our own program In Spain, known as cartoons. Our next step will be Pencilwhich seeks to promote personalized medicine throughout Spain.

The liquid biopsy It was an essential component of Mabeactsthe first project he studied using to analyze circulating DNA in the blood in this population. Now, in this second part of the research, Soriano intends to “expand the research projects with their implementation to further study molecular modifications.”

“We wanted to be independent once the studies were over and be able to start our own program in Spain”

Once again, the Multidisciplinary teams It played a major role in relation to these types of software precision medicine. As the specialist recalls, “Deep knowledge of pediatric tumorsthat it biologythe evolution of new drugsresult Clinical trialsThe Availability Open clinical trials, as well as others treatment options It may be related to the patient. Thus, discussions between clinicians and scientists on the pediatric oncology molecular committees are critical to these precision medicine programmes.”

Recognition of clinical genetics as a new specialty

The Study genetics It has emerged as one of the main champions when it comes to implementing personalized medicine programs, and this new scenario Soriano claimed: “These types of personalized medicine programs highlight the need for Recognition subordinate specialty From Clinical genetics and recognition of biologists as health professionals by Ministry of HealthPrecision medicine for pediatric cancer patients is advancing in Spain, and the next step is pencil projectIt is close to being a reality.

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