Lawyer says Jaime Rodriguez Calderon’s health is worse than when he was admitted to hospital

Monterey. – a month later Former Governor Jaime Rodriguez Calderon He was hospitalized in University Hospital Three surgeries were performed, and his health condition is worse today than it was when he entered the medical center, as he admitted Attorney Gabriel Garcia Perez.

In his interview upon leaving Heliopolis University, the lawyer commented that he and his family who had visited Rodriguez Calderon had noticed that he was in a very worrying situation, and the doctors treating him had rated him as A high-risk patient. We noticed him very weak, very sensitive, very weak, very tired,” said Garcia Pérez.

It must be borne in mind that the engineer “has not received food since the weekend and the situation he presents is obviously very disturbing; I see him very tired, I talk to him for three and four minutes and he is tired, and now we are waiting for his development”, so the 72 hours Which will be done tomorrow, after the emergency operation that displays, will be crucial. last Saturday.

García Perez stated that “El Bronco” had severe abdominal pains on Friday night and early Saturday morning, so in the morning the doctors of Heliopolis University ordered a computerized tomography (CAT) scan, through which they discovered that he was infected. Leak, one of the staples they used to connect the intestines, in a surgery they had a week ago.

“There was fluid leaking from his intestines into his body, and this is very sensitive because if it is not detected in time it can cause death,” the lawyer explained.

He added that this situation forced the urgent surgery to fix the leak by “separating” the parts of the intestine that were adherent and placing a drain or bag so that the intestines can repair its functions.

“Right now, he has a nasogastric tube that he is fed from, an intravenous catheter through which many tests are done, and he is receiving supplemental oxygen and being drained through which the serum that he receives is discarded from that little pouch,” he commented. Garcia Perez.

He explained that after the emergency surgical intervention, the doctors who treated him commented that the next 72 hours, which end on Wednesday, would be very important to monitor Rodriguez Calderon’s reaction.

The health problems that the Broncos have suffered from for several years since his arrest on March 15 have complicated it to the point that hospitalization was necessary on May 1 and ten days later he underwent his first surgery to remove two polyps from his colon.

Similarly, when cancer cells were detected in the largest tumors, a second surgery was performed on May 21 to remove a 40-centimeter portion of the intestine, requiring an emergency re-operation, when a leak in one of the staples was discovered. To unify the parts of the said member.

In addition to the fact that “El Bronco” has not received any food since last weekend, within 72 hours to see how he has developed, his lawyer admitted that “the situation he presents is very worrying; I see him very tired, I spoke to him for three and four minutes and he feels tired,” Garcia Perez announced.

The lawyer added that the defense on Monday asked the probation judge dealing with the Rodriguez Calderon case to urgently request a report from the director of the university hospital detailing both the procedures that have been carried out since May 1 and what is the prevailing state of the engineer’s health.

He indicated that they will determine from there various procedures that will depend on how “El Bronco” develops, but it will focus primarily on ensuring the health of Rodriguez Calderon, such as the request to transfer him to a private hospital, which initially asked a lawyer to defend and authorize the probation judge, but the prison authorities I neglected him, and took him to the presidential residence, though he made it clear that they were not satisfied with the care he received there.

However, he made it clear that in a private hospital he could be treated by the doctors who had treated him for years from his illnesses that undermined his health today, and due to his status as a high-risk patient, he would be taken care of. By the nursing staff 24 hours a day.hours of the day, in addition to the fact that his family could accompany him permanently and not only for an hour, which would not be a privilege, but a right of any human being charged or not accused.

When asked about the fact that Rodriguez Calderon, after a month in the university hospital, is in worse health than when he arrived at the hospital on May 1, the lawyer said, “Practically since the engineer entered the social rehabilitation center in Apodaca we have sought medical attention, To be treated, to be allowed access to his doctors, which it did but in a very choppy and brief way.

He even stated that, prior to the hearings, they asked the judges to take care of Rodriguez Calderon’s health, which is getting more complicated.

He pointed out that the prison authorities transferred him to the Metropolitan Hospital, where he remained for two and a half to three hours, and conducted routine examinations, where “their results were very ridiculous, they talk about an appendix in a normal state. And the case, when the engineer underwent surgery for the appendix Wormwood for more than 15 years and he hasn’t had it.”

For this reason, he concluded, “This makes us think and demand an analysis of these conditions and that if all the studies have been done from that moment on, well, we probably (now) would not be in that position. However, we shall at that time analyze what we will have to offer; but The most important thing at the moment is the immediate presence of our work as lawyers, so that their health is guaranteed.”

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