Gustavo Petro kidnapping Fernando Gonzalez Pacheco: François Roger Cavard: “The kidnapping case against Petro may be true” | 6 am today by today

François Roger Cavard recently submitted a file the demand against Gustavo Petro for him to kidnap From Fernando Gonzalez Pacheco In 1981 before Spanish justice This country admitted the complaint. However, the presidential candidate He stated to Radio Caracol that this lawsuit will not affect him because he has never met the presenter of the program.

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The plaintiff indicated the reasons for his claim: “For four years, I have been destroying the resilience, entrepreneurship and pleasure of Colombians, who suffered a fratricidal attack by the Colombian paramilitary drug group that left for 70 years. I found out that Mr. Gustavo Petro He has not been pardoned or pardoned, and because he has a criminal record, he is ineligible for life from contracting with the state, from holding public office, and from running for elected office.”

Likewise, he said: “As Mr. Petro, I came up with quotes chasing him demanding justice and law enforcement on him, he thinks he is above. I exhausted the legal cases in Colombia, one of those out of office, and I had to explore other alternatives and find out the universal jurisdiction in which Pinochet was imprisoned.”

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