Due to various faults in vehicles, Profeco alerts for revision

Federal Consumer Protection Office (Prophet), Calls to review different models from car companies General Motors, Volkswagen and Teslawith about 20,767 units with various problems detected.

Among the problems encountered are Faulty seat belt, faulty rear tire mounts and defective CPU. The prophecy is for owners of units of different brands to take their car for review and if necessary make the corresponding modifications and can travel on public roads.

general motors

In the case of General Motors, Tracker cars from 2021 to 2023 were recalled for review, of which 14,181 were already sold to the public, while 3,308 are still in warehouses.

The error detected in this model is that in the event of a collision, sparks can be generated when the pretensioners in the front seat belts are activated. The company undertakes to install acoustic insulation for the carpets and at the moment no mishap has been detected.

Volkswagen cars

On the other hand, VW de México contacted some owners of 1,664 Tiguan cars between 2021 and 2022, due to malfunctions in the rear tire struts, where they can wear, crack or break, which could cause an unfortunate accident.

If, when reviewing German cars and not passing quality control, a change will be made to the left and / or right rear wheel support. I also note that on the 16th of this month a malfunction was already detected, but no accident occurred to the owner of the unit.


In the case of Tesla Motors, there would only be 467 Model S 2021 and 2022, Model X 2021 and 2022, Model 3 2022 and Model Y 2022, and this caused a failure when updating the software, because the CPU could not cool what It is enough to control the temperature of the system, and it causes an unexpected restart.

Causing the car screen to turn black, causing difficulty in using the controls and potentially causing a collision with the unit. “Driving from the above, the company will send out a software update that will improve CPU temperature management. This will mitigate the temperature increase when the vehicle is in a fast charging state or is preparing for it, preventing slow processing and restarting,” Profeco called on the call.

Profeco also announced that reviewing these models will not incur any cost to owners and provide the following means for owners to get in touch and initiate the procedure for checking their vehicles for malfunctions.

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For its part, Profeco announced that it will monitor the company’s commitment to the responsibility of users. For complaints, reports, help or advice, you can contact a lawyer through these contacts.

  • Consumer phone: (55) 5568 8722 Available in CDMX and Metropolitan Zone; In the case of the interior of the Republic, they will help you by calling the number 800468 8722.

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