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After a year and 17 days of serving as President of the National Assembly, Assemblywoman Guadalupe Lori de Pachakotec (PK) She was impeached by a majority plenary session on May 31, 2022.

The decision was taken by 81 votes from the 82 members of the assembly present in the rerun of the 772nd session where the commission’s report was issued. Ad Hoc Multiparty Committee which recommended his removal from office for breach of duties, after a complaint was filed by the legislator Christian Social Party (PSC), Esteban Torres.

The legislator from the bench Union for Hope (UNES)Marcella Holguin proposed a motion to remove Lowry, as it was arranged for Virgilio Sakesella to take the presidency and to give him the legislative escort the corresponding guarantee.

Other lawmakers who made up the multiparty committee, such as Lucia Placencia of the Democratic Left (ID), Peter Kalou (Labour) and Pamela Aguirre (UNES), defended the report.

Aguirre asserted, for example, that Lowry’s dismissal was sought not because she was a woman or Aboriginal, but because of a breach of duty. He stressed that “no one is above the law.”

At 9:22 p.m., a vote was taken on this motion, which was approved by 81 votes in favour, with one vote in favor.

In accordance with the Basic Law of the Legislative Function, in the event of the final absence of the President, the First or Second Vice-President shall take his place, until the vacant positions are filled by the National Assembly at the end of the two-year period.

At 9:30 pm, Virgilio Sakesella was sworn in as head of the legislature, after being sworn in by legislator Darwin Pereira, as a member of the Legislative Council (CAL).

Sacquisella’s first actions were to hold the continuation of this session on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. to continue the items on the agenda; He announced that he would call on Friday to set up a new session to deal with and resolve the second debate on the lawful use of force bill.

This political scenario began minutes after 4:00 pm on Tuesday, May 31, as the 772nd session, presided over by Vice President Virgilio Sakesella, was replayed after the presidency resumed before Guadalupe Laurie on May 18.

In this plenary session, the violet bill was discussed and when the PSC legislator began, Jorge Abd Rabbo made a motion to dismiss the precautionary measures issued by Judge Pedro Troya, of the Judicial Unit in Quito, on May 27, in which the plenary was ordered to refrain from knowing and dealing with the report Ad Hoc Committee.

UNES and PSC seats were able to debate a report recommending the removal of Guadalupe Llori from the presidency of the National Assembly

Abd Rabbo indicated that these precautionary measures are temporary, as they were resolved when the multi-party committee was canceled at the end of proof of Torres’ complaint on May 25. In addition, he raised the independence of state functions, because legislators do not rule in judicial proceedings.

Sakesella agreed to include the processing of this proposal and ordered a vote. Amid the claims of Labor MPs backing Lowry and the vote cries from the Union for Hope (UNES), the PSC seats and some independents by 81 votes – out of 83 lawmakers present – the inclusion of this motion, which included a caucus report for debate, was approved.

PSC Council member Jorge Abedrabo put forward the proposal to be included in the discussion on the re-run of the 772nd session of the National Assembly, which was chaired by Vice President Virgilio Sakesella. Photo is from the National Assembly. Photo: the universe

Saquicela suspended handling of the point and gave the defendant, Guadalupe Llori, an hour to appear in plenary and exercise her right to defence. Meanwhile, the processing of the Violet Bill continued.

Laurie did not arrive. The commission’s report was read, and after about two hours of reading, Lowry did not arrive on the bicycle.

After 7:20 pm, the Legislative Palace was cordoned off with members of the Judicial Police, who were to come to support the Legislative Escort.

General Assembly member Darwin Moreira (Labour) warned that there was an attempt to boycott the session and cut off the internet to prevent votes from being recorded. It would be illegal if they tried to interrupt any IT related operation. They will not come to us with the deception that the system is down, the Internet is gone. We know how this works and we won’t let that happen.”

Meanwhile, in the plenary, Sakesella requested confirmation of Lowry’s attendance, but his absence was confirmed.

We proceeded with the intervention of the prosecutor, Assembly member Esteban Torres, who praised that political decisions cannot be subject to precautionary measures. He pointed out that “this decision that will be taken will be covered by the necessary constitutionality.”

He cited the reason for Lowry’s indignation, when he did not make way for the presidency’s appeal in the 766th session. He urged the Legislative Companion to respect political decisions and avoid interfering in attempts to interrupt the debate.

This plenary takes political decisions and a decision made after reviewing this report will be a political one. There is nothing like an assembly,” he said, adding that “the power of reason and the power of reason are on our side” and asked the plenary to take a decision to remove Lowry from the dignity of the presidency.

In the National Assembly, they are looking for political and legal ways to deal with the report recommending Guadalupe Laurie’s removal from the presidency

legislator Pachakotik, Salvador Quispe, Resigning, he said, strength will be stronger than reason and law. “Obviously they are going to drive her out, and they are going to drive her out. It will not be the first time those who have ruled or misgoverned this country have told us.”

He referred to several incidents of Rafael Correa’s government killing indigenous leaders and acts of corruption. That resentment of the mass Union for Hope (UNES) that questioned him. He shouted at them angrily: “Silence, damn it! He further deepened the contradictions that were softened minutes later.

Marcela Holguin Lowry struggled with her stubbornness to cling to a position. “From his ploys to prevent investigations of complaints made, such as the murders of Assembly officials; the country is tired of being ridiculed when he uses justice to remain in impunity.”

He spoke of the agreements “Under the table, you served tricks and threats to show that you do not represent the people, that you preside only to defend your interests. Because of them, you became even a simple delegate of the executive branch. You cannot head the first power of the state, your actions not only embarrass the legislature, you betrayed Also all those who believed in you.”

After nearly four hours of debate, Sakesila was sworn in as President of the National Assembly, and in a short speech he invited the dialogue to Parliament. President of the Republic Guillermo Laso.

“The conditions of national politics today allow this swindler to preside over the first power of the state, I do it with pride and simplicity. I do it to represent the country, to sit with all sectors, with university students to make a positive law so that the people can study.”

“We will give the country this Friday a law on the gradual use of force, for the benefit of those people who sacrifice themselves day in and day out to defend the lives of Ecuadorians. (…) My commitment to 137 legislators to work together in favor of Ecuadorean legislation and oversight,” added Sakesila, who announced that he would hold This Wednesday has meetings with CAL members and representatives of the five legislatures. (YO)

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