Anaudi Hernandez has ordered not to carry out any other activities in his mansion in Aguadilla

The municipality of Aguadilla has issued a cease-and-desist order against the former PDP mosque Anaudi Hernandez Perez Cessation of activities in the mansion he kept after being convicted in the Federal Domain of corruption.

The house, located in the Boqueron neighborhood of Playhuela sector, was rented by Hernandez Pérez for a stay of at least five days at $1,500 a night. However, residents of the area complained about the inappropriate behavior of those who rented the property, as the mayor of Aguadilla said, Julio Roldan.

“We received a complaint from a neighbor asking us to intervene in this situation from the massive activities that exist to rent the property and it is clear that they are using the sea to dump solid waste,” the municipality’s executive director claimed.

“Comes from our office to cease and desist immediately under a fine or fine of $100,000he added.

He warned that if Hernandez-Perez did not comply with the order, “we will go to court.” He indicated that they had not received any response yet.

The municipal order, a copy of which is owned by this media outlet, warns Hernandez Pérez to “stop the activities carried out in the said place until the necessary investigations are carried out.”

“Without authorization issued by our office, you shall cease, cease and abstain from any leisure or action which would establish the activity which is the subject of this case,” The order says May 25th.

You have been warned that if you continue the activities, you will be charged two fines, $50,000 each for violating municipality regulations.

Hernández Pérez pleaded guilty in February 2016. He was a PDP fundraiser and friend of former governor Alejandro García Padilla. He pleaded guilty before Judge Pedro A. Delgado during a hearing requested by his attorney, Osvaldo Carlo. new day He tried to contact Carlo, but that was not possible.

He led a group involved in a government corruption scheme arrested by the feds after a grand jury returned an indictment of 25 counts of bribery, obstruction of justice, money laundering, conspiracy to commit fraud and extortion for acts committed from 2012 to date, which has brought in more than $2 million .

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