A poll shows that Rodolfo Hernandez and Gustavo Petro will tie in the Colombian elections

(CNN Spanish) – The first poll after Colombia’s first presidential round gives a somewhat narrow picture of the final election on June 19.

A poll conducted by the National Consulting Center for Colombian Media CM & Technical showed a tie in intent to vote between presidential candidates Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernandez, who went into the second round on Sunday.

Hernandez received 41% of intent to vote compared to 39% of Petro’s. The empty vote was 5% and the undecided 14%. 1% of those surveyed would not vote for any of these outcomes, depending on the results.

The survey had an error rate of 2.8% and a confidence of 95%.

Petro and Hernandez under the magnifying glass of complaints and accusations 2:49

After Sunday’s election patterns, Hernandez is stronger than Petro in areas such as Eje Cafetero and Antioquia, (54% vs 26%); Central-East (51% vs 23%) and Central-South (46% vs 34%).

On the other hand, Pietro has an advantage over Hernandez in Bogotá (49% vs. 39%); in the Caribbean (48% vs. 33%) and in the Colombian Pacific (57% vs. 23%).

In the survey’s demographic data, upper-class residents would vote for Rodolfo Hernandez more than Gustavo Petro (52% versus 40%), while middle-class residents would prefer Petro. Among the lower-tier respondents there is a technical link: 40% Hernandez vs. 39% Petro).

Left-wing candidate Gustavo Petro won the majority of votes in the first round with just over 8.5 million in his favour. Hernandez, who calls himself an “outsider” and has gained traction in the final weeks before the election, received 5.9 million votes, beating well-known candidates such as Federico Gutierrez and Sergio Fajardo.

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