A former Qatari princess was found dead at her home in Spain

Spanish police have found a 46-year-old former Qatari princess dead in her bed at her home in southern Spain, authorities announced Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the police in the province of Malaga clarified that the body of Cassia Galeano was found on Sunday morning in her apartment in Marbella.

The police went to the house after receiving a call from one of Gallaneau’s daughters from FranceThe spokeswoman added that his mother did not answer the phone.

The spokeswoman, who spoke on condition of anonymity to comply with department rules, said agents entered the apartment with the help of a concierge from the condominium and found Galeano in bed with no signs of violence.

According to the authorities, Galeano was a US citizen and was 46 years old. An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

She was married to Abdulaziz bin Khalifa Al Thani, 73, who is the uncle of the Emir of Qatar, according to French newspaper Le Parisien. The couple had three children and fought a long legal battle for their custody. Galeano accused her ex-husband of sexually abusing one of their children, something the man denied.

The children live with their father in Paris, according to Le Parisien.


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