Wilson Camacho says Alexis Medina and others will continue to be imprisoned due to insufficient budgets

Santo Domingo, d.

Head of the Specialized Prosecution Office for Administrative Corruption (BIBCA), Wilson CamachoNone of the defenses featured on Monday in the mandatory review of Alexis Medina Sanchez and others, he said anti octopus caseProvide budgets.

He explained that in the case of Jose Dolores Santana Carmona and Wacal Hernandez, they did nothing, and in Alexis’ case, his defense provided something for another stage of the process, not to review the coercion procedure.

Thus, in the absence of sufficient budgets, the The measure of coercion conducted in accordance with the law,” Camacho crossed after Judge Debbie Timoteo Biggero, of the Seventh Inquiry Court, decided to keep the accused in prison.

Instead, Carlos Salcedo, Alexis Medina’s defence, said that was the judge’s view, but that what they submitted shows “a number of documents modifying the initial decision” that led to his client’s pre-trial detention.

We respect the decision, but it is clearly a decision that violates constitutional rightsContradicts constitutional principles. Pre-trial detention is an effective measure to ensure the presence of the accused in the process, and to ensure that he does not distort evidence. He can neither threaten witnesses nor disturb any of the victims.”

Salcedo also said that in this case it has been proven Alexis City He did not act against any of the evidence or in any of the prosecution’s procedural activities, so he stated that he would analyze the decision when they gave him motive and see if they appealed.

Alexis Medina said before the judge announced that he had been tortured in Ngayo Prison, and that they gave him a “soup of hair”.

The judge ordered a trial against the octopus

Earlier, before ratifying the forced measure, the same judge had postponed until June 27 the preliminary court hearing against those involved in the Antipulpo case.

The court made the decision To adjourn the hearing for that day at 9:00 a.m.After accepting the petition submitted by the lawyers of Paola Molina Suazo and Fulvio Cabriga, two other defendants.

Molina Suazo’s defense argued to request a postponement because her client is still postpartum, which is why she is unable to appear in court.

While Fulvio Cabriga’s lawyer informed the court that he had been appointed to take up the case, he needed time to prepare his defense and notify him of the documentary evidence from the Public Prosecution Office.

The Antipulpo case, released by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PGR) at the end of 2020, also involves Carmen Magali Medina Sánchez (sister of Alexis and former President Danilo Medina), Francisco Pagan who was the Director of the OISOE; Fernando Rosa, Aquiles Christopher Sanchez, Freddy Hidalgo, former Director of Public Health; Rafael Antonio Jermosin, Julian Esteban Sorel Suazo, among others.

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