UEFA Champions League | Tear gas, crowds and violence: UEFA will address the chaos that plagued the tournament final in Paris

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image source, Reuters

UEFA has commissioned an independent report on the events on Saturday outside the Stade de France in Paris that delayed the start of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

The match started more than half an hour late and crowds of Liverpool fans, including the police, were seen tear gas.

French authorities denounced, on Monday, the alleged fraud “on an industrial scale” over tickets for the final match, in a full controversy over the security management of the event.

UEFA, which initially attributed the events to the “delayed arrival” of some spectators, announced a “comprehensive review” that would lead to an “independent” report to determine what happened and determine who was responsible.

But what happened near the Stade de France on Saturday afternoon? The BBC and other media have collected testimonies from fans who have been there and suffered, to a greater or lesser degree, from the bickering.

Police abuse complaints

Footage taken just before kick-off shows Liverpool fans – who had tickets – forming huge queues, and French police using tear gas into the crowd.

image source, Reuters


French policeman uses tear gas to repel Liverpool fans

Liverpool fan Tom Whitehurst told the BBC that the treatment of fans was a “disgrace”.

The fan explained that He had to get his disabled son out of the place After the gendarmerie sprayed them with pepper spray.

He added that the fans “were randomly sprayed with pepper spray and there were people who arrived two and a half hours ago and were in queues and received accusations of shielding from the riot police.”

The London government has called for an investigation into the treatment of Liverpool fans.


One of the train lines serving the stadium, RER B, was not running, so traffic was focused on the other, RER D, with one control for all fans arriving at the stadium perimeter.

Another Liverpool fan, Michael Carter, said the problem started when fans left the station and headed down a “narrow alley”.

Later, at the gates of the stadium, some of those present in line “were hoisting each other and They jump on fences because they are crushed“.

BBC sports writer Nick Parrott who was in Paris described Saturday’s events as “the most horrific experience I’ve had at a football match”.

tweet it Locals without entering “They were trying to force their way in so that security would close the doors and prevent fans with tickets from entering.”

Supporters of both Liverpool and Real Madrid denounced that many of the problems were caused by Youth gangs from Saint-DenisThe stadium, known as the epicenter of marginalization and crime in the French capital, is located.

Fans complained that in addition to storming the gates to attempt to enter the stadium without a ticket, hordes of local youth Fans were robbed or robbed.

A Real Madrid fan told the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo: “They came to take everything from us, to rob us, but it was the gendarmes who threw pepper spray and rubber bullets at us.”

image source, Reuters

This and other fans explained how groups of young people at the entrance and exit of the stadium pounced on the fans of both teams, and in many cases families with children, To steal their wallet or mobile phonewithout the elements of the gendarmerie deployed to prevent it.

Confirm these events Lots of videos circulating on the internet And show the raiders in action.

Some criminals also tried to take pictures of fans’ mobile phones to steal their digital tickets, which were priced at more than 1,000 euros when they were resold just before the match, according to El Mundo.

Other attendees who parked in authorized parking lots or on streets near the stadium reported that after returning to their cars, They were forced or windows were broken His belongings were stolen from the inside.

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