Two dead, 12 arrested in Puerto Rico police confrontation

Two dead and 12 arrests is the balance of a The confrontation between police officers and members of a criminal gang Registered at the Punta Salinas Beach Resort in Toa Baja, a municipality on the northern coast of Puerto Rico.

The Caribbean island police said Monday through a statement that following an investigation by the security forces to prevent criminal incidents at the hands of an organization suspected of multiple murders. A shootout ensued.

Accident after investigation It is part of the strategies that seek to keep criminals off the streets contained in the Puerto Rican government’s security plan.

In the accident at the exit of the resort of Punta Salinas, customers repelled aggression, which led to two people died and arrest Twelve members of the organization.

also, Six weapons seizedall changed, and six vehicles, one of which was reported stolen.

None of the customers was injured in the quarrel with the gang of criminals.

The criminal organization was led by an individual known as Edwin Rivera Perez, Known in the underworld as “Bobo”, who led a criminal group linked to multiple murders in the municipalities of Bayamon and Katano.

One of the people killed in the shooting was under an arrest warrant for removing control restrictions.

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