The night Trujillo was killed, they put him in a box

before death year for life Antonio Imbert Barreira reveal how It has been given the death From the president and the dictator Raphael L. Trujillo Molina In a story that made excellence Journalist Hoshi Laura. Imbert told the journalist how to name some “to implement” and others “Assassination” For a man who controlled the fate of an entire nation for at least 30 years, not counting the remnants of his posthumous dictatorship.

According to Imbert Parreira, many scenarios for the murder of Trujillo were not considered. The group decided directly to have him killed on the road from Santo Domingo to San Cristobal. That night, six men set out to carry out the plan to assassinate the tyrant head-on, Imbert Parreira recalls, although history acknowledges a group of eleven participants.

General Antonio Imbert Parreira.

On May 30, 1961, 61 years ago, eleven men plotted to kill the tyrant, but Imbert Parreira only remembers six who were directly involved in Trujillo’s assassination that night.

It all started with a call from Lieutenant Amado Garcia, who stated that the president left the presidential house alone with his driver, in a light blue Chevrolet Blair and had no escort. At that moment, two vehicles – Imbert recalls – set off to intercept him at a point on George Washington Boulevard (Malecon de Santo Domingo). One was the one driving it and following Trujillo while the others were waiting at another point on the chief’s road for something to go wrong.

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The point chosen was a section of road outside the Livestock Fair, in an east-west direction (near today’s Universidad del Caribe site), one of the darkest on that highway, according to the officer.

At that moment, Imbert recalls, “every time they kill someone at night,” noting that several cars had passed near the scene at the time of the event without stopping to see what was happening.

There were two vehicles in which the six men remembered by Antonio Imbert Parreira were transported. In one was Pedro Livio Cedeño, Salvador Estrella and Huascar Tejeda, while in the other were (Antonio Imbert), Antonio de la Maza and Lieutenant Amado García.

Hoshi Laura, journalist.

At about 9:45 pm, Imbert Parreira was driving past the “President” and it was Antonio de la Maza and Amado Garcia who opened fire when they found themselves parallel to the dictator’s car.

After the first batch of shots, Trujillo and his driver, Zacharias Cross, who survived the accident after the attackers left him with seven shots, crashed their car into the sidewalk and decided to respond to the attack, so they got off the car to face their executioners, who turned around and are now in the front. .

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The first minutes of the confrontation were intense and then gave way to the calm that Imbert and holder de la Maza took advantage of to intercept Trujillo, who hid behind his car, and Imbert was injured and finished by Antonio de la Maza.

Dr. Abel Gonzalez, who prepared Trujillo’s body, said the dictator was hit by a total of five shots, one in the chin; Two at the level of the heart, one with an entry hole in the wrist and an exit hole in the elbow, and the other on the left side.

Imbert Parreira also said that the occupants of the other car, upon hearing the shots, came to support them, arriving moments after the shooting, but that “Trujillo is already dead.” Imbert also said that Pedro Livio and Salvador Estrella opened fire on each other in confusion, injuring the former.

After Trujillo’s death, his body was placed in the trunk of one of the vehicles in which the group was traveling, while another was left at the scene. Then they arrived at the home of Officer Juan Tomas Diaz Quesada. Imbert said only that they took the body and left it in the trunk of a car in a garage, without specifying further details.

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