Rodolfo says Uribismo died on Sunday – Election News – Election 2022

Rodolfo Hernandez, presidential candidate for Anti-Corruption Rulers AssociationTuesday morning confirmed that Sunday’s results buried “Uribe”, the most influential political current in the country over the past two decades. Therefore, it is impossible for him to make alliances in a second round. “Uribe died on Sunday, how am I going to campaign next to a dead man,” the candidate said.

Hernandez’s remarks were made in an interview on snail ray. Within three weeks, he will quarrel with the Presidency of the Republic Gustavo Petrowho estimates that Uribismo will now go to his rival.

previous president Alvaro Uribe Velezthe natural leader of society, has so far been silent about the course he will take.

Currently, individual figures from the Democratic Center, CD, have said they will vote for Hernandez.

“He stole the hearts of Colombians,” he said. Maria Fernanda Cabal Referring to the former mayor of Bucaramanga.

“The character only, Rodolfo Hernandez, decisively convinced the heart of the country who would surely turn to vote for him,” said the congresswoman.

“Rodolfo’s victory is a victory over the establishment. The country needs change, not the suicide you are doing. PetroBut it’s the power, order, and prosperity that a businessman like him offers.”

Meanwhile, Senator Dove ValenciaAfter learning the results, he also announced that he would support Hernandez.

“We congratulate the engineer Rodolfo Hernandez for his brilliant vote. We will support his goal of fighting corruption and defeating Petro,” said Valencia, who was even before the first round of elections in favor of Gutierrez.

In fact, the Senator from Cauca accompanied him on his political adventure through different cities in the country.

“Colombia has decided to choose change, hoping to be responsible. The citizens know that Petro is not the change the country requires. It represents suicide. I will accompany the will of the citizens,” said the senator elected by the Colombian government. Ceremony Democratic CenterMiguel Uribe.

Although he hasn’t directly expressed his support for Hernandez, it’s only natural that between the two options he would feel more comfortable going with that one.


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