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Venezuela and Nicaragua are silent about the election results in Colombia, because so far no president has said a word. In the case of the neighboring country, Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernandez confirmed in their government’s plans that they would restore relations with Caracas.

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The suggestions are also similar for Nicaragua and the maritime dispute with the Hague clause. The way is negotiation, or at least that’s what both candidates have mentioned.

Petro insisted that restoring relations with Venezuela was necessary. In his proposal he says that he will seek to “meet and create peaceful coexistence, Harmonious, collaborative and respectful of life, to make borders territories of diversity and prosperity.”

The governor of the state of Tachira, in Venezuelan territory, Freddy Bernal, also requested the permanent restoration of bilateral trade for the welfare of both countries.

Hernandez, the big surprise of the day, considers that if he arrives in Casa de Nariño on the same day he will restore relations with Caracas and criticize the management of Ivan Duque for the issue.

The consequences of this situation are disastrous in relations: they have deteriorated with countries such as Cuba and Russiaa rupture with Venezuela and even a cold with the United States,” reads his proposal.

In this sense, both candidates will come close to the administration of Nicolás Maduro, although neither of them said they would sit down with the president. From Venezuela, the little thing that has been broadcast is that relations are expected to resume.

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About Nicaragua

Regarding Nicaragua, Petro is betting on a bilateral agreement with Nicaragua, he says, “to restore fishing rights to the San Andres community.” But he criticized his government, saying that it is not true socialism, as is the case with Maduro.

Hernandez also believes that an agreement should be reached with the Central American country because the Hague decision is “negative” for the fishermen, so employment opportunities should be facilitated for the population.

In two of these complex and contentious issues, both candidates have similarities and the diplomatic dispute with Caracas can be expected to resolve, or at least restore relations to a minimum. In the case of Managua, at least a dialogue is expected.

About the United States

Candidate Gustavo Petro, in his agenda for international politics, proposes strengthening “relationships of cooperation with other countries”, in particular with the United States, the European Union, and the Pacific countries. In the same way it is proposed to promote foreign trade.

However, she suggests revising the FTAs ​​in order to make them “fairer” ones.

“Free trade agreements must be reviewed and renegotiated so that they are fair and become tools to stimulate productivity, combat climate change, advance knowledge transfer and create new jobs.
work,” his government plan says.

On the part of Rodolfo Hernandez, the candidate asserts that after the emergence of a dispute with the US government he will “work not to put political ideology into relations.”

“This ends up as interference in a country’s internal affairs, especially when a government is elected in the middle of an electoral process,” his plan says.

On foreign trade, the politician states that “we must always take care of the natural partners,” proposing to increase the productivity of Colombian industry in order to be “competitive within the framework of existing free trade agreements,” although he does not directly mention the United States or other countries that It has free trade agreements with Colombia.

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