Newspaper Library: The End of the Tyranny of Rafael Trujillo Molina

Santo Domingo, d.

(This article was originally published in our print edition on Friday, May 30, 2003)

The May 30, 1961 It’s historical history It is closely related to the date of November 19 of the same year. That’s why both It must be remembered, respected and celebrated Equal proportions of national dignity for current and future generations.

the first, May 30 is the day of decapitation of tyrannyushering in the beginning of the end of an oppressive regime, he accumulated for his account a long and infinite list of murdered opponents, and another, no less comprehensive, than the Dominicans who were subjected to terrible torture in centers specialized for this purpose.

Second, on November 19 Records the day the whole Trujillo family registers They were forced to leave the country forever.

While the achievement of May 30th was the result of a conspiracy whose members devoted themselves to a long and detailed planning process, the achievement of November 19 had a high rate of improvisation.

Moreover, the realization of Death of Generalissimo Rafael Leonidas Trujillo It required the help of a group of brave Dominicans, ready to die to rid the country of its long nightmare.

Remove all Trujillo from the country It was the work and decision of one manwhose military authority found the immediate approval of its followers inspired by the same purpose.

The record has been left in history that Seven people participated in the death of the tyrant whose names will forever remain in the memory of this community.

They respond to names Antonio de la Mazza Vazquez, Antonio Imbert Barreras, Lieutenant Amado García Guerrero, Salvador Estrada Sahdala, Engineer Huascar Tejeda Pimentel, Pedro Livio Cedeno and Roberto Pastorizza.

But the story of the departure of the entire Trujillo family abroad is the story in which things turned out differently, as the action that prevented a great massacre in the country was decided by one man, the then captain of the pilot. Pedro Rafael Ramon Rodriguez Echavarria, At the time the commander of the Santiago de los Caballeros Air Force Base.

The plot to kill Trujillo was set in the minds of Antonio de la Maza and his brothers on the same day his other brother, pilot Captain Octavio de la Maza, died on January 6, 1957.

For various reasons, the other conspirators joined in with the plan over time.


When inquiring about these motives, researchers in this historical work found personal or family reasons that prompted them to get involved in the conspiracy, Except for the cases of Tejeda Pimentel and Cedeño.

The first of them was the son of a man close to the tyrant who was also an employee of the latter and enjoyed personal affection and protection.

In addition, its own Tejada Pimentel has benefited from several decades Which meant a good income for him until proven otherwise. Hence, worthy of separate consideration, his decision to score was as risky as the death of Trujillo, the most powerful man in the country and perhaps all of Latin America at the time.

The action taken by General Rodriguez Echavarria was muted by the advice given to him years ago by the officer of the German army Hitler, who came and lived in the country with Argentine dictator Juan Domingo Perón.

As revealed by the pilot officer, the former German soldier on a certain occasion recommended preparing for the end of a power system such as that of Trujillo, just as it had done with the regimes of Adolf Hitler and Peron.

The ex-German officer emphasized the suffering inflicted on high-ranking military personnel in the service of these systems of power, in which they achieved respectable command, but when these ended, they were forced into cruel exile in countries where they were pariahs. In addition, the general Rodriguez Echavarria had at hand the ordeal of his Cuban counterparts in the service of Fulgencio Batistawho hastily embarked on the path of exile with the victory of guerrillas led by Fidel Castro, two years ago. Some of these generals and colonels, enslaved to Batista, not only fled into exile, but others were shot dead, accused of numerous crimes.

freedom gap

The rescue work of the conspirators on May 30, Opening the Freedom and Democracy Gap in the Dominican Republiccounting on the invaluable assistance of the diplomatic sanctions imposed by the Organization of American States on Trujillo’s tyranny, in August 1960, which remained in place.

These punishments were the result of the attack ordered and planned by Trujillo with the brutal colonel Johnny Abbas Garcia, against then-President of Venezuela, Rómulo Betancourt. The bomb attack was carried out on June 24, 1960 in Avenida de los Proceres, Caracas.

Continental Punishment for TyrannyAs a result of the bad economic situation, which affected the natural social development of the whole country. in the middle of it, Trujillo made the criminal decision to order the murder of the Mirabal sisters, Committed on November 25, 1965, he dragged his driver Rufino de la Cruz.

This crime horrified the whole community, including the most convinced and ardent Trogelistas, not only because of the act itself, but also because brutal methods used.

The terrible effect of killing the Mirabals was being felt among the handful of men who had already Then they looked for the way and the opportunity to carry out the killing of tyranny.

The Continental outrage caused by the attack on Betancourt alarmed the United States government, as it worried that the situation in the Dominican Republic would develop in the same direction that had occurred in Cuba with the overthrow of Batista and the rise of Fidel Castro. to force.

for this reason, The The Washington government tried to persuade Trujillo to leave the country, But he refused.

After that, American officials promised to help those who were preparing a conspiracy against the tyrant to send weapons, but the promised help never came, and the conspirators managed to use their own means to implement their plan.

heroic decision

On May 30, 1961, Trujillo was not supposed to go to San Cristobal, But even the conspirators got the information that that night he would go to his mahogany house in his hometown.

Soon they got together, and carried out the plan laid out on the embodiment of the attack.

He was placed on the wheel of the car that was going to chase Trujillo and from which he would shoot Imbert Barreras and Della Maza turn to his right in the front seatEstrella Sadhala and Garcia Guerrero will take the back seat.

around 10:30 at night The persecution began on the highway bordering the sea, Outside the Livestock Show, the vehicle occupied by the conspirators arrives at Trujillo’s being driven by Captain Zacharias de la Cruz.

The first shots fired by de la Maza hit Trujillo’s car, and in the middle of the shooting, the driver de la Cruz turned the car in the opposite direction and stopped.

The car occupied by the conspirators makes the same turn and an exchange of fire occurs between the occupants of the two cars.

two copies

One of these versions holds that Trujillo was seriously injured in his carand that when Pedro Livio Cedeño was chasing him, he shot him and hit him in the chest.

The same version adds that the second car is driven by Tejeda Pimentel Trujillo was seriously injuredand that he was killed on the ground by de la Mazza, and shot in the mouth.

The story is made by Trujillo’s driver confirms he fell when he was shot of the conspirators while they confronted them outside his car.

The fact is that on that night the tyranny of Trujillo was beheaded, and the regime of terror implanted in the country in 1930 ended, when the brothers of the tyrant left the country by force, forced by the military uprising led by General Rodriguez Echavarria, Rely on the support of officers, infantry and tankers.

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