Got a $50 bill from Morelos? They ask for $500,000 each

a a ticket That sometimes we can consider them to be the most common because we find them similar to many other things we have seen and even used to push them in the past can make it strange for us to see that they are for sale in Internet portals In particular; when it was said paper money It is offered at high prices, quite different from the number we usually accept as its value when making any payment.

A site where you can generally see posts like this, like this one that has The fifty pesos bill is promoted in 500 thousand pesos She is popular Mercado Libre Mexico . digital platformand it is not surprising to see not only ancient coins and banknotes in its department specializing in Antiques and Collectionsbut also the latest releases, as well as the not-so-new releases alike.

You probably already know or have used Absolutl’s new $50 bill, which belongs to G family of Bank of Mexico banknotes (Banxico) which has been distributed since the end of last year throughout the country, which aroused great interest among users, who made it known on social networks how much they were expecting to get their copy, but if it is these new designs that will do stay while the previous – coo esl posted by F1 family of Banxico . banknotesLittle by little they are withdrawn from circulation, and the latter are also attracting interest, not only from people who collect them, but also from people who have some of those who want to make a profit for them by selling them online.

Have you checked your wallet yet? To make a purchase, they still retain their value, but while Banxico is replacing them with the new version, these users are already trying to sell it at a higher price. (Mexico Duty Free)

It will never be time to have one like it in your wallet because it is still good to use for Transactions daily, and so while the more degraded pieces or the oldest varieties are pushed aside by commercial bank On orders from Banxico, it was replaced by the latest designs so that it is gradually normalized.

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Jose Maria Morelos and Pavon, the hero of independence, was for several years the protagonist of the 50 dollar bills, until the launch of the new 200 dollar banknote where he appeared next to Hidalgo first, displaying the new 50 pesos with the now famous Epsolotte. The period as bearer of these bills has expired.

Before they were made from cotton paper, and later printed on polymer to extend their useful life, some variants were replacing earlier shapes in a gradual transition as one of the other presentations was used inconspicuously until we got used to having the latest version. But some people speculate that they will become rarer over time and hope that collectors will be willing to pay big bucks for these notes.

Whether it’s not for modern pieces, or just in case commemorative coinsBanxico backs its value by what its face value indicates, but users who make their posts at higher prices can bid, as well as others with more accessible, real-world characters. It will be the buyers who compare their options and decide which items to buy, taking into account their characteristics and the given price.

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If you have this type of tickets and want to put them up for sale to get some Additional incomeIt is advisable, before publishing them with an exorbitant amount to try to get good profits, that you consult an expert to review your articles and guide you on whether they are worth it so that you think of a more suitable amount that does not scare you. potential buyers.

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