First patient encounter in Puerto Rico

The Journal of Medicine and Public Health together with Hidradenitis Suppurativa Golondrinos will hold the first direct meeting of patients and professionals.

With the aim of educating and raising awareness about HS, since 2020, the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico, declared this chronic, painful, non-infectious skin condition in need of further clarity due to its impact on patients’ lives, and declared the first week of June as HS Awareness Week.

Driven by the goal of educating patients and giving them a voice, the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, along with the Hidradenitis Suppurativa Golondrinos group, will be part of the first face-to-face meeting of this meeting. Community of patients and professionals To find out Advances in treatment and diagnosis in the country.

It is worth noting that the condition does not cause disability but generates discomfort, because the affected person can feel generally embarrassed and refuse to go out in public, because of the location of these abscesses, vomiting and an unpleasant smell that can cause sadness or even depression. Although there is no cure for this condition, early diagnosis and treatment can control pain, promote wound healing, and prevent complications.

In this regard, L. Janis Marrero Irisari, President professional and Transition services and rehabilitation counselors have indicated that it is very common for companies to offer positions that do not guarantee the rights of patients with these limitations. “Often people are afraid and remain silent because they may be expelled if they ask for reasonable accommodation. Sometimes they are subjected to violations and do not claim their rights.”

The attorney, who also cites the federal laws, Americans with Disabilities (ADA), Rehabilitation Act, Section 504 and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which protect people with Disabilities in the workplace And educational, it is certain that a patient with hidradenitis is not necessarily a disabled person, because it does not depend on the condition itself, but on the limitations that this condition causes.

For this reason, this law states that Recommended to all organizations Public and private entities, as well as the general public, to join in being a part of this condition education to raise awareness about this autoimmune disease.

The same Law 29, indicates that the Ministry of Health, as well as the municipalities and any other state Not-for-Profit Entities The interested parties shall take the necessary measures to achieve the objectives of this law through Organizing and carrying out activities That promotes education for Puerto Rican citizens in this condition.

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