Camacho on Danilo Medina: “I don’t give details about the open investigations”

the judge Wilson Camachoa representative of the Specialized Public Prosecutor’s Office for Administrative Corruption (Pepca), said on Monday that it could not testify about ongoing investigations, referring to the A possible investigation with the former President of the Republic, Daniel Medina.

Although he did not directly mention the name of the former president, he limited himself to replying by saying:He will not give details of the open investigations”, when approached by the media on his way out of the Palace of Justice about what Myrna Ortiz, the coordinating prosecutor of the persecuted body, said about not ruling out the start of a judicial investigation against the political leader.

Likewise, he urged residents to wait for the outcome of each corruption case brought before the courts, without providing further data on the matter.

“Our investigations must be evaluated by the results,” the judge said. “Wait for the results of our investigationsCamacho repeated.

Mirna Ortiz’s comments came during her participation in an interview on the “Despertador” program, which is broadcast daily on Color Vision 9 channel.

In the television space, the prosecutor answered a citizen’s question about the inclusion of Danilo Medina In the indictment anti octopus caseAnd the

Danilo Medina has not been questioned, we are investigating (…) The investigation of a former chief has various aspects, he was mentioned in these operations because they all happened under his management and that is why he was mentioned casually in these accusations,” Ortiz said.

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