A total of 217 MIR positions, mostly in family medicine, are still vacant after the selection process

The total number of vacancies became 217 MIR, out of 8,188 places for Health Professional Training (FSE) this year, accounting for 2.66 percent of places. Of all of them, the vast majority of those rejected, as many as 200, correspond to family and community medicine.

Faced with this situation, the National Division of Young Physicians and the Advancement of Employment of the General Council of Physicians (CGCOM) has expressed concern about the large number of empty positions left in the last MIR call and the dire consequences of this. To have health in the medium term.

According to his analysis, we will have to go back to 2015 to find as many resignations as in the current MIR 2022. However, despite the fact that 1.02 percent of places were vacant in 2015, it was primarily from sports medicine in light of the changes in the training model that occurred in this specialty.

For council spokespersons, it is very important that they did not cover a file 8.56% of vacancies are in family medicinea circumstance that would greatly aggravate an already battered primary care situation.

The current electoral system has been an important factor in the large number of vacancies compared to previous years

Sunday a. SanchezNational Representative of Young Doctors

According to his vision, this large number of deserted squares It requires urgent solutions in the short, medium and long termdue to the effect it may have on The quality of care and excellence our patients deserve.

In the face of this problem, the medical institution is communicating with the Ministry of Health to form a dialogue table that addresses the serious problem involved in the inability of medical specialists, as well as to analyze and plan the strategies to be followed.

The second round of vacancies

As an urgent and exceptional measure aimed at resolving the large number of vacancies for the current call of vocalía, they propose to enable Second shift of vacancies among non-community applicants as was done in previous calls.

However, they state that the solution lies not in enabling a second shift of vacancies in an indefinite manner, but in making reforms that are based on knowledge of the system and do not respond to arbitrary decisions made on the back of health professionals.

from the national section It has been argued that the selection of places for specialized health training was done in real timeAfter analyzing the data, it appears to be conclusive The current election system has been a major factor in the large number of vacancies compared to previous yearsDomingo A. Sanchez, National Representative of Young Doctors, exposes.

Because of all this, once again, given the evidence presented, we ask for a change in the current election system that ensures that all venues on offer are covered. The Ministry of Health took a decision that helped to aggravate the situation, and this requires taking on certain responsibilities and making a change in the course of the general direction of professional planning ”- emphasizes Sanchez.

In addition, they revealed in the statement the need to reflect on the assistance needs of our country in the medium and long term, and to adapt the needs and available resources.

Specific measures for hard-to-fill jobs

And they said in the statement that they explained that awareness of the existence of Difficult to fill positionsAnd that there must be a will on the part of the institutions to make it attractive through economic, educational and social incentives. These measures can easily turn low-coverage sites into attractive places for specialized training.

Finally, the administration, educational units and representatives of the collective MIR are invited to reflect on the reason for the occurrence of this phenomenon in MIR 2022.

They conclude by stating that The only solution to changing and improving things is teamworkAnd the Leaving behind the imposed in the changes Which must be presented in the system, because that will be the only way To continue to provide outstanding MIR system and quality care to our patients.

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