A man stabs his 66-year-old father to death in Arecibo

A veteran allegedly His 66-year-old father was stabbed to death, In the recorded events at 9:49 pm yesterday, Sunday in the neighborhood of Hato Viejo in AreciboThe police office reported.

According to preliminary investigations, when Herminio Gonzalez Maldonado He was in front of his house, his son arrived, and he was known as Christian Gonzalez Martel39, in a 2007 Suzuki Aerio.

There, in circumstances still mysterious, Gonzalez Martell He hit his father with his car and then hit his body with several holes with a knifeAccording to the authorities.

The wounds caused the death of the sixty-year-old on the spot.

The alleged murder of the father was taken to a hospital in the area after being hit in the upper right lip. Authorities said his condition is stable.

The individual is in the custody of the authorities.

“My mother killed my father”

On the other hand, the suspect’s mother, Romy MartellHe confirmed that his son confessed to the crime in a phone call.

I was watching TV and he called me in about ten minutes until ten, and he said, ‘Mom, you killed my dad.’ I tell him: “Don’t say that.” And he said to me, “Yes, mom, you killed my dad, he’s gone.” I think she kissed him and all. I went crazy screaminghe told NotiCentro, of Wapa.

According to Martell, the father and son had been sharing during the day, prior to the accident.

“It seems that they started drinking, I say, or something, because to do so, something happened to his mind.”he told Las Noticias, of TeleOnce.

In addition, transcripts from family members indicate that before committing the acts, he had called an acquaintance to warn him.

“Tell Dad I’m going to kill him, but I don’t know what happened”father added.

The woman also said her son was mentally ill and was taking medication for his post-traumatic stress disorder. Because he was in the Iraq war twice.”

“He wasn’t a bad son. They gave him those depressions. While in Iraq, he suffered a lot of ugly things. He tells me: Mom, I’ve seen many things, I saw many people die. I put bombs on them and they exploded next to my face.”he told NotiCentro.

She also confirmed that the man had recently arrived in Puerto Rico from North Carolina and had sought treatment at a veterans hospital. However, according to Martell, he has not been seen in person due to the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic.

new day He contacted two members of his family who were present at the time of the events, but they reported that they would not be commenting at the moment.

Initially, a call through the 9-1-1 emergency system alerted about a person being hit with a knife at the scene.

Client Ismael Ferrer Vargasof the Homicide Division of the Criminal Investigation Commission (CIC) in Arecibo, investigates the case and assesses the possibility of filing the corresponding charges with the public prosecutor. Albert Cruz.

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