8.5% of MIR family medicine vacancies are still vacant | Community

The Division of Recruitment Promotion and Young Doctors of the General Council of Physicians (CGCOM) expressed concern on Tuesday about the large number of vacancies that became vacant in the recent MIR call, of which 8.5 were not filled. for family medicine.

This year, 8,188 MIR places were submitted and 217 became vacant (plus one required pre-approval), representing 2.66% of the places offered. Being the majority, family and community medicine places.

Since 2015, there have not been as many resignations as in the current MIR 2022, they noted in a statement. “Very significant that 8.56% of family medicine vacancies were not covered, a circumstance that would greatly exacerbate the already battered primary care situation.”

Doctors suggest enabling a second round of vacancies among non-EU applicants as was done in previous calls, although they point out that this is not the solution, and that it is necessary to make reforms that are based on knowledge of the system and do not respond to arbitrary decisions made by Back to health professionals.

Dr. Domingo A. points out. Sanchez, the medical representative, noted that they argued that the selection of specialist health training places “was done in real time, after data analysis”, because they consider the current selection system to be the cause of the number of vacancies that have occurred.

Physicians require an elective system that ensures that all places offered are covered.

Sanchez notes that the Ministry of Health has caused “the situation to deteriorate, which requires taking responsibilities and making a change in the course of the general direction of professional planning.”

They also request the establishment of a dialogue table to address the shortage of medical professionals, at which strategies to be followed are analyzed and planned.

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