“We miss two million votes to achieve a historic victory”: Luis Ernesto Gómez

After the election day of this Sunday, May 29, Colombia got a clearer panorama in order to get acquainted with the next president of the republic. Colombians decided and next June 19 there will be a second presidential round.

On Sunday, the historic charter candidate Gustavo Petro secured 40.33% after counting 8,522,879 votes with 99.86% of the tables. In second place was Rodolfo Hernandez of the Anti-Corruption League, with 28.16%, or 5,951,600 votes.

Among both candidates, as alternates, the next head of state to replace incumbent Ivan Duque will be known.

Having learned these results in the first presidential round, they celebrated from the historic pact the victory of Gustavo Petro in this first contest, but they have already begun to make calculations for the next appointment to the polls.

Luis Ernesto Gómez, who until a few days served as Chief of Staff of the Bogotá Mayor’s Office and was the right-hand man of Mayor Claudia López, who resigned from his position in the administration of the region to join Gustavo Petro’s campaign, emphasized that the charter is very close to achieving a “historic victory” in Colombia.

“Friends of the charter, we are two million votes away from a historic victory in the second round,” noted Gomez, who was also government minister in Bogotá. For the former secretary, these new voices “will be achieved by invading sectors of the center and by people who want to see their country and their families prosper.”

“No more fights, just good energy. Colombia summons us!” Luis Ernesto Gómez noted, anticipating what was needed in the next 21 days before the second presidential round.

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