They lost contact with a plane with 22 people on board in Nepal

This Sunday, the Nepalese authorities lost contact with a plane on board 22 people were traveling When the package was flying over the west of the country, an official source reported to Effie.

The Twin Otter plane of the Nepalese airline Tara Air was on its way from downtown Pokhara to Jomsom Airport in Mustang District, When the authorities lost contact At about 9:55 local time (4:10 GMT), Sudarshan Badtaula, a spokesman for Yeti Airlines, the parent company of Tara Air, told Effie.

According to the source, the 9N-AET was traveling Thirteen Nepalese, four Indians, two Germans and three crew members.

The air traffic controller at Jomsom airport, who asked not to be named, told Efe they were investigating a report of loud noise in an area called GSA, while authorities dispatched a helicopter to the area where contact was lost.

The most serious plane crash in recent years in Nepal occurred in March 2018, When the Bengal American Airlines plane from Dhaka crashed while landing at Kathmandu International Airport with 67 passengers and four crew members on board.

the villain It killed 51 people, and left twentybecoming the worst air accident since 1992 in Nepal.

In July of that year, 113 people were killed on board an Airbus A310-300 of Thai Airways that crashed in the Himalayas while landing at Kathmandu Airport.

Just two months later, another plane, this time from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) crashed as it approached Kathmandu airport, an accident that killed 167 people, 30 of whom were Spaniards.

Nepal, which witnesses frequent air accidents, has been the subject of frequent international sanctions due to the lack of controls.

The European Union has banned Nepalese airlines from entering its territory since 2013.

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