They identified two brothers who were killed in the midst of an argument with a neighbor in Rio Piedras

Two brothers were killed around noon Saturday, in a violent accident that occurred in an alley at the intersection of Syracuse and Doss Streets of Parcel Hill Brothers, in river stones.

Presenter Robert Rivera MirandaAssistant Commissioner of Criminal Investigation Dr police OfficeIt was reported that the first officers who arrived at the scene arrested a third subject in connection with the violent incident.

“The suspect and the two victims were neighbours, and the suspect had already had a pattern of previous discussions with the victims,” ​​Rivera-Miranda confirmed, adding that the two victims were not armed.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is preparing to file six charges on Sunday afternoon Frank M Rivera Saldana44, including two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of violating Section 6.14 of the Weapons Act.

An additional charge of attempted murder will be filed, because the individual aimed and shot another man who was at the scene, but did not manage to hit him, as far as he knew. new day.

The victims were later identified as Dennis Pelter VargasAnd the 40 years and Nisbee Belter Vargas27 years.

The initial report sent by the media office of Hato Rey Comandancia stated that the accident was reported at 11:45 am, upon arrival at the scene, police officers found the body of a man who died instantly from a bullet, and another man was injured. .

Rivera also introduces Miranda to new dayAnd the official confirmed, on Sunday, that the crime of violence occurred amid an argument between the two brothers and a neighbor who approached them.

Then the neighbor fired several bullets at the two brothers, using a firearm. Denis died at the scene, and Neisibi was taken to the Centro Médico de Río Piedras Hospital, where he died while receiving medical care. Read the police report.

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