These are all keys to identifying and overcoming a toxic relationship

The toxic relationship It’s something that gets worked on a lot in psychology offices and has recently given rise to books, full profiles on social networks, opinion forums… The truth is that almost all people end up in some kind of toxic relationship all the time. their lives, their lives, which it is in the public interest to know how to end and overcome.

A toxic relationship is one that has an effect Respect my self From a person, in his state of mind and limits his sense of self-sufficiency. It can happen in any area, because beyond relationships, this can happen in work, family, and leisure environments. Then we’ll find out some good things Tips to get over a toxic relationship.

How to recognize a toxic relationship

The first step is to get out of this situation Define the problem Which is that while just getting out of it seems pretty simple to us, the truth is that identifying a toxic relationship when living in the first person isn’t always easy.

A toxic relationship is usually negative for everyone involved In which. This happens on many occasions because we are dealing with a person whose nature when it comes to relationships is toxic, i.e. someone who has narcissistic or controlling behaviors or psychopathic traits. In other cases, it is due to the acquisition of an unhealthy dynamic in the relationship.

You will know that you are in front of Unhealthy bonds When this relationship generates discomfort, discouragement, it affects your self-esteem and prevents you from enjoying life as you used to. If the effects of the bond with another person are more negative than positive, it is time to end that relationship.

How to get over a toxic relationship

These are some Tips to get over a toxic relationship:

Work on self esteem

Self-esteem often takes a hit after living in a toxic relationship, so it’s so important to take the time work on itto reinforce it. Take care of yourself, heal yourself, implement projects that interest you and restore a positive image of yourself.

Surround yourself with good support

It is not necessary not to trust alliances and do all the work on your own, on the contrary, the ideal is to surround yourself friends or family For support as long as they are people with whom you maintain a healthy relationship.

Ask for help if needed

If the support of loved ones and personal care is not enough, you should go to professional help. This is not exaggerated or unreasonable, in fact, as we began by saying in this article, psychologists are seeing more and more people with this problem.

Drafting new bonds

It’s interesting to start making new connections from learning, knowing that you want to build a healthy relationship and be more aware of practices you don’t want to allow again. This can be very rewarding It can also be a very positive thing to get out of it and have more peace of mind.

By acquiring good life habits and promoting self-care, it is possible to build healthy relationships And leave the bad experiences of the past.

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