Sergio Fajardo speaks after the election – Election 2022

Sergio Fajardo, calmly, without turning away from disappointment, admitted defeat and congratulated his constituents in a short message.

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The former presidential candidate has now acknowledged and congratulated the first-round winners and thanked his supporters, to whom he told them, “We cannot be sad after this long and stormy battle.”

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The Center for Hope coalition candidate reached the fourth vote in the first presidential round, well far from Federico Gutierrez who was in the third square of the election in the first round.

“We cannot be sad. I appreciate all the support, all the cooperation on your part, thanks to this intense work.

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with those results The partial breakdown of the filter was evident, very far from Petro, Hernandez and Gutierrez.

In addition, Fajardo, in the short intervention, requested applause for his formula for the position of Vice President, Luis Gilberto Murillo, who accompanied him until the last moment.

“You are an expression of Colombia, which until the last few hours has been distributing pamphlets all over the country, fighting for what we want, for what we stand for,” he added.

We didn’t even win, because what we were going to doHe said before the affection of those who were with him in his speech.

“We have to know how to win, but it is better to lose … I wish you the best for our country, for Colombia,” he said.

Fajardo announced that he will meet on Monday with the other members of the Centro Esperanza alliance, to take a stand for the second round..


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