Sedeco chief slams Calderon for celebrating with “Checo” Pérez

Akabane bountythe Minister of Economic Development of Mexico City, criticized the celebration in which the former president starred Felipe Calderon with Sergio “Chico” Perez After winning Formula 1 this weekend.

The local official posted via his Twitter account the video circulated this Sunday on social networks in which the moment when former President Calderon and the Mexican pilot jumped into a swimming pool in Monaco can be seen, as part of the celebrations after the race.

In this regard, Akabane warned the former president that he was no longer of an age to deceive himself, and lamented that he could not differentiate between being mocked and laughed at.

“Philippe, you are not of an age to make a fool of yourself; out of respect for the office, don’t worry, you were a phony,” he wrote.

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In addition to calling her “Marajo,” Fadala Akabani noted that the actions showed the “real level” of Felipe CalderonWell, he said, he’s willing to “cling to anything to get attention.”

Checo celebrates victory in Monaco with Felipe Calderon

On Sunday, according to Red Bull tradition, Checo Pérez led his team’s celebrations and, spinning in the air, fell into a puddle at the Circuit de Monte Carlo after achieving his No. 3 victory in Formula 1.

Later, when joining the Austrian team’s festivities, it was the former president of Mexico and current chair of the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) Environment and Sustainability Committee Felipe Calderon, with the driver from Guadalajara, who urged him to jump. Inside the pool.

In videos on social networks, he can be seen running and jumping in the pool in front of everyone’s eyes.

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Felipe Calderon also witnessed his encounter with the national driver in Monaco, however, the postcards on his social networks are from moments before the race.

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