Rodolfo Hernandez, the engineer or “old man” who made the surprise in Colombia

Engineer Rodolfo Hernandez started as a presidential candidate in Colombia Without anyone believing in their chances of getting to Casa de NariñoBut a populist campaign and explosive personality raised him to second place in the opinion polls, which he will run in the second round with the left. Gustav Petro.

In recent weeks, polls have already identified a scenario in which that possibility was all too real: Hernandez, 77, climbs to get close to someone who had until then been second in voter preference, Federico “Fico” Gutiérrez “, of the right-wing Colombian national team.

The upward trend of “the engineer” or “the old man,” as his followers affectionately call him, was confirmed Sunday afternoon when 99.62% of the votes were counted, Hernandez’s candidate Anti-Corruption Governors Association, Achievement 5,948,162 votes, 28.18%.

Petro, who practically ran his campaign four years ago, was the first, as polls expected, with 8,512,519 votes, or 40.33%.

2nd place for Hernandez rocking the Colombian political scene, Where competition was expected between Pietro, a representative of the Left who aspired to power for the first time, and “Fico”, a continuation of the Left and Uribismo.

The engineer is one of the most unspeakable candidates in the Colombian presidential race since his speech It is based on a tireless struggle against corruption, Write down several concrete measures that suggest how to combat them or address economic and social issues.

Although there is no privacy, the Anti-corruption rhetoric has permeated and convinced Colombiansespecially in the regions of the eastern part of the country, where the province of Santander, from which it hails, is located, and in the center and south.

A successful businessman, Hernandez started his career in Bucaramanga, the capital of Santander, where he became a millionaire building affordable housing.

In this campaign, he chose as his deputy of Afro-Colombian descent, the 53-year-old academic Marlene Castillo Torres, who even before entering politics worked at the University of Minoto de Dios, belongs to the community of Eudist parents and without experience in public charges.

The candidate is a businessman turned politician who was famous for his irreverent personality, which led him to appear in many controversies for his way of expressing himself without hesitation and sometimes reaching vulgarity.

True to his self-confidence, Hernandez voted this morning at a school in Bucaramanga early in the morning and assured that he would fall asleep while the results came in.

To win, candidates had to get half plus one of the ballots, something neither of the candidates achieved, so on June 19, Colombians will go to the polls again to decide once and for all who will be the next tenant of the House of Representatives. de Nariño, the Colombian presidential residence, which is the name the engineer also gave his campaign headquarters in Bucaramanga.

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